OrcaFrost's chest drop Info


Updated for Team Gauntlet.


130 gold chests yielded 2100 sygils,180 innerfires and 1000 black pearls unfortunately that’s the only 3 things I payed attention to


Hey orca, how come there are tower runes in the legendary dragon rune drop tables?


I don’t know my self :see_no_evil:
The json mentions Rare_dragon, Epic_dragon, and Legendary_dragon (as opposed to Rare_monument, Epic_monument, Legendary_monument)


just think those as labels of each sequence regardless of meaning in english


Updated for Fort event :wink:


Yikes :poop: _20181101_153920


I stopped just before that! This tool is fantastic!


Yo dawg, I heard you like shards…


Hahaha yes i love them all


I tried my luck with 10 chests and i got sigils, sigils and ice shards. My next drop will start from the list above smh :joy:


Updated for Breeding event :wink:


Holy moly drop_20181107_235428


What a nice arrangement for a breeding event. In the past, you would have said the rng gods had smiled upon you.


In a way they still do, they just shine on everyone this week


Updated for Temple Raid :wink:


Thanks Orca! You’re a chest saver!!! :kissing_heart::hugs::hugs:


I think I have darn close to 1,000 bronze chests (not 10k, whew) but been attacking players in event mostly 15 levels higher than me (to allow for defenders) but haven’t got 1 gold chest!

Since May, ia believe the most I’ve had is 38 and most of them were a carry over from before then. I’d love to open some gold chests, but they need to drop first and I’m saving my rubies for next season.


yeah i haven’t counted on those drops. Drops never happen, almost one in 10k maybe.
I only saved what i got from season rewards and event prizes.

It starved me quite a bit for last 2 seasons but definitely have extraordinary current season.


I got 8 gold chests drop this season and I dont think I can get over 4k bronze chests per season