OrderofDragoon - Plat 2 searching far and wide for members who want to Learn and Grow!

LFM – PLAT II – `OrderofDragoon – 200+


Language: English
Time Zone: Any
Played time: At least 6 months
Age Range: 18 +
Elite Account?: Not necessary
Dragon Roster Includes: At least one divine (seasonal) Dragon
Highest Lineage Dragon: Emerald or higher

About: We’re a learning focused team, with several players with lots of experience that want to share knowledge. Right now we have a couple spots from players that want a change of pace after this season. If your player or breeding level isn’t up to what I have posted, still feel free to apply and message me in game!

OrderofDragoon is an active Platinum Team currently focusing on building Atlas participation. We own 6 castles and receive 1,084 egg tokens daily (between Atlas and Team meeting hall). We get 10th team quest prize almost every week, and get the final team prize during Fort events. We normally finish top 10 in PvP events, and top 5 in several of them.

Our goals for this upcoming season are to start reaching last team prize in Breeding events as well! Depending on how we do we may start reaching for the same achievement in PvP!

We’re primarily looking for active players that are looking to learn Atlas and are willing to participate in events. Also happy to receive learned players looking for a small break from higher leagues.

If you’re interested, please message one of our officers in game.

So we had 37 reach the last team prize mark… so naturally we have a few spots open! 3 players that couldn’t get above 20k points and one player that could only find time to do one quest this week, message me in game if you want one of their spots!

We already replaced the guy causing drama with someone that does quests and hits the last team achievement, so at least 4 more spots to go!