Orrery - Mage effect avoided by invincibility

I see ‘Mage affect avoided by invincibility’ over dragons when mage supershots hit dragons that have been sped up by my orrery…

Is this something I have misunderstood about the orrery?
I didn’t think it gave an invincibility trait to a dragon at any point.

Can anyone tell me when said invincibility affect is granted, and when it wears off?

Thanks guys

Why do you think it’s caused by the orrery and not by the dragon’s spells?


Because I’ve watched several replays of different dragons. Most never cast any spells at all. The one that revealed it the most was equestor, again, no spell cast

Can you post one?

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I have about 4. I’ll see if I can post them

Looking at the first replay it does look like the text is simply a glitch in the replay engine. You can see equestor’s spells getting disabled when he’s hit by the mages, so they are in fact working normally.


I was wondering that. Phew.

I presumed Krelos did avoid by speed demon, which would make sense, and that Quasar only being hit by one didn’t drain enough to affect spells.

Glad it looks like it’s working

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