Other games people are playing

So there is already a thread for ‘What is your favorite “old school” video game?’

I’d like to know what other games people are currently playing. Mobile, console, PC… anything.

I just bought Skyrim VR and I’m looking forward to Jurassic Park Evolution.

PC. Recently trying Getting Over It.

Playing PUBG mobile when not on WD.


on the PC. it’s available on xbox and ps4 though.

Monster Hunter for PS4

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The wife and i play hide the… nvm.


I love Horizon Zero Dawn on the PS4

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Crime City when not on WD

There is other games then WD :flushed:


Well… not that WD is working at the moment :woman_shrugging:t3:

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Dota 2.

Fornite and League of legends

Counter-Strike : global offensive
And Skyrim; over 600h…just lovin it.

World of tanks, world of warships, total war war hammer 2, civ6, all on pc

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I used to play Skyrim like you then I took a WarDragons in the knee :upside_down_face:

I played on Xbox then got it for PG and modded it to hell and back lol. Did a lot of fiddling around for myself and assisted with a published mod. Haven’t touched the game in a while since my laptop is in its death throes

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I used to play Subnautica and Skyrim a lot but my computer’s wifi is broken so I can’t get into Steam :sob:

Exploding Kittens.

Have you tried a new wifi adapter/dongle?

Not yet but I’m working on it. The driver for the adapter itself keeps disappearing from the drivers list. Thanks, Windows Creators Update :neutral_face: