Out of 30% hp boosts for my towers, with over 2600 30% tower attack boosts

I am a spender. Let’s start with that, usually $700+ per season in addition to elite costs. I enjoy my gameplay, and my team relies on my strong base to help protect them. There are things you plan on spending some rubies on…but NEVER have tower boosts been one of them!


Open some bronze chests in fort/breed or gold chests in breed for these boosts.


I did a post about this too! There is absolutely no reason for this huge discrepancy between tower attack and tower defence boosts. PG needs to fix this. I have 3x more swords than shields. I know others running out of shields too. My forge is busy with hammers.


That doesn’t change anything. The point is that there are at least 3x more tower attack boosts than tower HP boosts in drops.


I have the same situation :thinking:

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It does! OP is asking for 30% tower HP and Atk boosts and you’re talking about swords and shields.

30% tower HP and Atk boosts have the same drop rates.


I thought Aeanae and Sandy were the protectors… :scream:

Fwiw the chest drop predictor states that defense shield and defense gunpowder have the same drop rates as well.

They do. I don’t have records but I’m fairly sure there was a period a few years back where only attack boosts dropped accidentally, and most people have built up a difference back then. For me the gap between attack and hp is about 4k boosts, and it has been the same for ages, so I’m pretty sure the drops are equal now, there’s just a historic imbalance.

And yes open bronze chests in breeding to get more boosts.

A one-time trading post offer to convert attack to HP might be useful to rebalance people with an uneven stock.


The numbers definitely show different!

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I am always out of hp boosts, I have to forge them constantly. Always have a ton of attack. (5k right now) Use both on towers at the same rate.
I have always wondered what is up with it, interesting to hear it is happening for others too.
There is definitely other things I would like to forge but being endgame and not having hp boosts just sucks.

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Similar here

I’m talking about tower boosts too. Hardly a leap. What shape are yours? It’s within context.

If the drop rate was the same then we should have more similar amounts of both.

If its the discrepancy that was OP’s issue, then i guess you could mark Morreions reply as the solution.

If its the general lack of boosts, then Hakais reply could be marked.


the last time this issue was a topic, I heard opening Bronze chests during fort was the way to go…I literally just opened up 1.1K Bronze and ended up with 216 for a total of 328 Tower HP boosts compared to 1923 Tower Atk boosts.

Also I heard the Defense Armor shields do stack…I believe it works as I am a vigorous defender. I spam Shields until its time to spam the Hammers. I drop a lot of dragons with this tactic. Try it.

Recruiting instincts activated



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I tried to catch up with you to try it but your IGN is not Aurik

They do not, they only extend the period of time they work.


Would be nice to see a 1:1 swap for these in a trading post