Out-of-season divine dragons xp traps

Why’s it that once a divine dragon is out-of-season and they’ll not be able to get more evolution stones, why are they allowed to hold onto their xp? Why not allow them to share their xp…I have a sage that I don’t have a Green evolution stone for, he has a million xp points, but I cannot transfer them to another dragon because it’s waiting for me to get the evolution stone


huh, that is weird. I can see my tarand and snowdrop whom are both expert but no other seasonal divines. I guess because if you don’t have the stones (evo not courage) you haven’t really stored “extra” xp on them maybe?

I’m not going to try and raise Ebon to see if he will become available if I get XP over what it would take to make him expert without the evo stones but maybe it would.

yup they need to be “expert” before they can share Exp…


Sage is from last years winter season, and I have more than enough xp to
evolve, just not a stone, and I cannot due to the season being over.

How can a seasonal dragon be “expert” outside of maxing out their level,
and how can you do that without getting the evolution stones?

you can’t hence the problem. you need all their stones.

You have used your beloved dragon for 9 months already. It’s time to move on

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They do get to expert when you have max out their stones and their level for that particular stone. Snow Drop is a 45, I got all his stones that were available and now have XP on him above and beyond his max.

Ebon also has extra xp for his current level but since I didn’t get his last stone (my first season), I can not evolve him to his max level.

Not sure how else to explain.

And I don’t know that if you accumulate enough xp to level sage as IF you had all his evolution stones then went beyond that would you then be able to transfer that extra xp.

I wouldn’t waste rubies transferring xp either way and recommend you don’t either.

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Transfer xp is a big ripoff anyways. Seems like a reasonable request though.

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I think I can answer my question by realizing that the seasonal divine dragons are not intended to be used for xp “profit sharing”, therefore, unless the designers add the functionality of when a season is over, any stones you lack, if any, once you attain the highest level, it becomes available for sharing xp and that would include all of the previous seasons as well.

During feeding events you might be able to recoup the rubies spent when transferring due to how many points it gives you. Or at least most of the rubies.

Last feeding event I did that just to get better prizes and I didn’t really have any less rubies and I would not have gotten as much sigil had I not done it. Just depends on what’s more important. Sigil or rubies…granted the sigil trade-off isn’t as good as super sigil chests but it was better than the gold chest drop rate.

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I have made every dragon all the way to green expert trying to figure out how to unlock previous season’s divine dragons. I have had fenifrost 1 of first red dragons sit on my platinum wall for a week thinking he might evolve.I even stopped breeding half way through platinum and focused on just my dragon den and storage and I’m on the 3rd round of upgrading the building hut platinum again. I’m stuck with all of last seasons dragons at 20 gold maxed. My chimrak has 15mil exp past the 1.5 he needed to evolve platinum. But I hear others say they have kinnarus from red egg up to level 60 and ettin from green egg at 80 and some a hundred. Well somebody tell me their secrets.

I recognize those words to be English, but they’re arranged in such a way that doesn’t align with my understanding of the language…

To answer the one question I think I could make out: you can only ‘unlock’ previous season divines (if by unlock, you mean level them up/evolve them) if you earned the required evolution stone during their respective season. If you did not earn any stones beyond the gold stone for Chimerak, for example, you will never be able to get him to Platinum. If that wasn’t your question, I will try pasting your post in Google Translate and hope for the best.

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  1. Do you have platinum evolve stone for your dragons?
  2. Kinnarus started at ORANGE egg, but can evolve to Obsidian, provided you have all the evolve stones
  3. Ettin is a normal dragon so it will just need XP to level up, no stones required.

I think you just don’t have the evolve stones for those Chimerak and Fenifrost (whatever that is). Sorry to say.

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I’m pretty sure Kinn only goes to emerald lol

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It’s been a while…:joy:

Yea ive tried I’ve completely maxed every guy all the way to durgan in
green eggs my amarok is 25 but I’m almost done with this season though my
chimrak is stuck at 20 he is 15 mil over evolving platinum he has 18.2 mil
exp when I stopped earlier so all my guys from last season I get to gold
and stop because I thought if I got them all is get the lycan. So I made
sure I got all including Leo and rider

Not bragging excited because everyone else has sick drags from before so
mine are all norms

Not for last season all gold