Outrage at PVP Ineligibility Mechanics


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@Crisis and @Arelyna please help her :slight_smile:


This is literally why they have told us over and over again not to add people after the event starts. It sucks but this is really your team’s fault for not waiting to add the new person until after the event. This is the way it has always been for as far back as I can remember

You should really be yelling at whichever officer screwed you over


Has never happened before and have never heard of it happening to anyone else as far as I know. This is new to me.


Not true. Ignorance is bliss until it happens I suppose.


@TheRedDelilah even made a PSA post about it

This isnt even slightly new. Blame your team, dont come here screaming about it, saying that it is a new issue without doing your research first. For once Support is correct, there is nothing they can do to help you. There isnt an inactive/active switch that they can flip. Each team can only have 50 names registered to it for an event. If someone new comes in then someone else gets screwed. Your officer who added that person screwed you. It completely sucks but there is nothing they can do to help you. If they changed how the system works you’d have people team hopping like crazy during events and it would be total chaos


I mean you should be angry on whoever added that person because they should be added after the event.

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I really feel for you since I know not everybody comes to the forums, but this can be avoided if officers don’t make personnel changes after treasure hunt starts. This has been a known thing since forever.

Yes, it is stupid that it works this way. But yes, it was stupid to change players at this time. I do feel for you though, that sucks a lot

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this has happened to me before, However i could get personal points but none for my team :man_shrugging:

and yes does’t matter how long you have played it does’t seem to get you anywhere (was around when bitpigs started up) and i ain’t got nothing lol


Probably only as temporary solution if it works.
If you can’t get points, it’s worth trying.

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Come on, stop it. There has to be a better system than this.


probably… but did anyone try it nope, lol.


I can’t believe so many people protect PG on this.

Yes, the officer should have been smarter, but the faulth obviously lays with the programming.
This should have been fixed a long time ago.


The officers should do better, of course, since such warning now appears even in the mail about event. But still, the root cause of the issue is the game bug that couldn’t be fixed for months, so it is the developers of the game to blame. Such critical issues shouldn’t be solved by putting somewhere text “don’t do it” - moreover, the player itself can’t even avoid that.


No ones protecting them. We are just saying that this is a known thing and that officers need to be careful. This is how it has always run and the players can’t change it. But we can make sure people are informed so this can be avoided

No ones said this is right. No one has shouldn’t be changed.

It’s just you said this has never happened before and people are just showing that this was wrong.


This sucks, op, I’m sorry. It’s perfectly reasonable for you and your officers not to have known about or done research to check for this stupid trap if you haven’t been bit by it before. It’s mentioned in the weekly event announcement email, but honestly, who reads those?

I think orca linked this, but you may be able to get points by temporarily joining a team that has space (that hasn’t hit 50 members, so probably a team with a lot of space or very low turnover).

PG, you guys should be ashamed of this. Find a way to fix it! Maybe just turn off team quests if you have to; it seems like they introduced the problem, and they really aren’t that big a win for the players.


Given that the way to avoid it is really simple, I’d rather have this than nothing at all or for them to take everything apart to make changes to it. There could however be a message that pops up saying “the PVP event has started, adding someone new may cause problems with eligibility. Do you want to be an ass and risk it?”

they literally tell leaders and officers not to add anyone during pvps, this is the officers fault. There are certain responsibilities that come with being an officer, them not bothering to read the weekly email isnt an excuse.


I’m probably going to get a lot of grief for asking this…but…when the OP said he was inactive, does that mean his account was inactive from lack of play time?


PG has not only posted on it but numerous emails have been sent out during events about adding someone after event starts and not to.


Never add during event until all 50 have hit :see_no_evil: its the officers fault its been all over

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