Over larger alliances controlling you? Where do you stand?


Hello fellow fighters,
I have been here for a number of years, seen an amazing game go through many many changes.
I remember seeing many teams happily fight just because they loved this game before Atlas came about.
Unfortunately I also saw the walk out of many a team and good people. The last 6 months has become a bit of a farce! Meaning… the highers get stronger and fatter as the lowers become a just a simple manipulated tool and PG let this happen still. Next roll out. Be wary of where and who you stand next too!
Today that stops!
This year marks the start of an alliance!
Syndicated… I have watch for a long time how this works. It is time for a mass alliance of gold and Platinum teams to fight back. Strength in numbers.
I’m over watching major alliances grab what is good for them. Gold and Platinum newbies get told what they are to do or face annihilation.
PG does nothing to stop this… so I ask all teams in both the above mentioned leagues to stand up for yourself!
We will wait until or if… the next roll out of teams hits Atlas. We wont destroy you we will defend you!
A mass anarchy of lower teams is long over due.
Until rules change protecting lower leagues.
CrazyViking333… team… Syndicates.
We have already been targeted because I chose to stand up with only 50 people behind me.
To make this game a little more fair… where do you stand?

Where do you stand

I am sure the bigger alliances are trembling in fear atm.


I’m confused, what’s the issue?


someone stole his goat… tensions are starting to run high


I think he did a few too many lines and just got done watching Malcolm X



Hmmm someone is watching you :joy:


That’s…that’s not how Atlas mechanics work…You still have to be able to take down these “big bad bullies”.

Change how?


Guess we wont get to hear his well thought out master plan :man_shrugging::joy:


Sounds like a logistical nightmare mobilizing all the “little people”.

Good luck with that.


Poses the question of how many gold teams would it take to conquer one sapphire teams castle, with only that sapphire team defending?


Even a complete rout tends to get something like a 10:1 troop kill ratio, so I guess as long as you bring at least 10 times as many troops you should have a shot, even if you can’t defeat a single base.


Given the tick versus moose mentality, it might be possible if they could organize sufficiently and had enough high levels to take some of the big guys and their unlimited CC / trust fund.

I think it is highly unlikely this will ever come to pass but it might be fun to watch the attempt. Peasant uprisings can be successful but an awful lot of peasants wind up dead.




We didn’t land on vanguards, vanguards landed on us!


Its not about strength , its about many different things aswell.

Gold teams are often less active, are not experienced enough , and probably with large number, there would be still many who would attack a “friend” , so “friendly fire”, which could start a diffeent issue between them.

Beside that even if only one saphir team , lets say there are bullies too, would defend a castle, there are the castle troops and the shield… where this experiened team could reactivate for cooldown as they like, while the gold teams wouldnt even have the fast handling, at least there activity and experience is different, wouldnt match it in time.

Probably the saphir team would have fun … why ? because you get glory, and not need search for… 100% at your castle… While the weak teams would loose much for remake, and wouldnt match them really…primarchs of saphir teams would win a lot more for lost troops and get fast to prizes.

Now lets be realistic… Many gold teams and now we taking the ones in to, platin teams, are bond with saphir or with eahcother in different alliances . And the saphir teams even too, beside there 5TA.
Many saphir teams are with in the big diamond teams allies or friends,… i dont tell it because of there security… but on the same time many protect there weaker platin and gold team friends…
Just one interfere of a good team of that, can stopp a conquering of S2-S3 teams vs a gold one… Not because of there own strength , its because many teams know that the other side is within something too , and can be big…

So what to do ??? As a gold team you can ask nice, get maybe a castle , be in a group within others, and pay for example with a bit food in some events, or at least tell that… however if teams are willing to help, they wouldnt take even much… because with help they could count on you as a ally and bring you on a new level of gaming.

When we started as saphir team and just learned and build up, we got erased from D1 teams at start too , for “glory”, and later grouped in a alliance… and even changed the first one who was one of newcomers as your idea, and got beaten up vs teams who already had more time to build and was stronger at all.

Now you should know where the issues are… If PG will bring out more land because more teams, idk really… But higher castles than level 2 will be mostly taken by teams of alliances to make there teambonus better… thats how it is… Actually there is no “Castle ZERO” which all teams have at start and give a standard bonus… but i guess for that the neutral lands are too …

So … at all… build build build , hunt hunt hunt… as long as you are safe, and need firstly much, i dont see much else what you could, what isnt told.


Dread is shaking in their boots rn. This guy means business. :joy::woman_facepalming:t2:


You seem to be missing the point that the bases in sapphire and diamond are high leveled. There is fewer people in platinum and gold that are even able to hit those bases. Not to mention that the diamond sapphire teams would love it for the 100% glory at their castle.


U can have a trillion people, dosent change the fact that u can’t kill the base :rofl: so basically ur serving glory on a silver platter lol. U can have 500 lvl 100’s , if they can’t take the 400’s and 500’s then :woman_shrugging:t2: Pretty useless.


“Over larger alliances controlling you? Let my alliance control you instead!” :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


But you can trap them and force them to waste troops on trash glory… :smiling_imp: