Over larger alliances controlling you? Where do you stand?


:joy: point was that it would be unproductive. They would accomplish nothing lol.


Heading over to trap Odin to see if I make it on a video. :eyes:


Well with this new scaling update, I’m sure we will see some level 100s soloing 500s now :wink:


So I just checked, this guy is the leader of a Gold 1 team. He’s lvl 195, and has a mediocre base. His top dragon is Leos… :confused:


Hey, Trumpy warrior is AWESOME!


Hey but he’s been here for YEARS :rofl:


With 33.4m medals, he aint been here that long. :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t call it a comeback!


Odino, don’t be dramatic :rofl: it won’t be that bad.


Thank you so much, had a few bad days in RL and this post has me laughing so much :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


I want to know why this guy is suspended. :rofl:


IKR, would love for him to be able to respond. I could really use more humor in my life today…


Maybe for opening more than one thread on the same subject? Not sure, unless I missed something else


You’re all just being mean. If NMO can do it with 100’s of teams why can’t Gold League?


I don’t think they ban people for that unless you do it a lot.


Alright, guys, I really think this guy needs to come back and defend this amazing idea.

How do you feel about it?

  • Yes, un-suspend him! I need to hear more!
  • Nah, lets have a quiet day.

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Game is boring af. No Atlas excitement and nothing to do next event…

So yeah… let’s get him back in forums. At least we have something to do


Right? I’m literally just waiting for this page to refresh. :rofl:


Have you ever thought about the fact that the game became too easy and that’s why it’s boring?


I wouldn’t say its too easy. We’re just in the middle of event down time, and between atlas seasons. So that kinda sucks.