Over larger alliances controlling you? Where do you stand?


I can confirm that my sneers came from the lower half of Platinum.


Obviously you are not aware of how the game works, but possibly representative of the feelings of a large chunk of the atlas population.

For your benefit you can find that the frustration you have extends into some much higher teams.

The problem that I see is that a large chunk of atlas are unhappy with it, but also don’t understand it well enough to articulate their needs fairly.

That and competition is less and less reality.

Right now focus should be on the top end of the game. It’s where competition may actually be started and it’s where things are most neglected after making changes to make platinum even possible to be part of atlas. I firmly believe If you can get the big boys busy with each other they won’t have the time or resources to interfere as much.


Well… also in my opinion most of the ones complaing are the ones who don’t enjoy atlas politics and aren’t willing to play the social aspect of atlas… the hierarchy was clearly established , and I think it was meant to be like that since as I stated above all the teams introduced to atlas were put on the same map meaning they didn’t want separation. I believe They wanted to introduce a new part of this game that would encourage interacting amoung all teams . With this comes the social hierarchy and if people aren’t willing to become a part of that, I cannot say that they will be as successful/more successful then the teams willing to play all aspects of atlas including allience making and doing what’s best for the team. I see where you are coming from, and I thought about it a lot, I personally think we are too far into the game to be changing up atlas socially. I’m not too sure how you would go about

This :point_up_2:t3: . Like, what could pg possibly do that wouldn’t go against the Structure of atlas? Have you thought of any ideas specifically ?


I don’t personally think it’s a given that politics should be forced down everyone’s throats from day one of atlas to the end. Certainly I agree it’s unavoidable to need to deal with them in order to do well. I’m also not saying it can or can’t be fixed. A lot of people who like battle games would prefer less politics though. (Clearly not all)

I believe the goal was to allow greater freedom and collaboration between teams of all sizes. Specifically to replace the league structure. In application, I think we found that something needs to exist. The current influence bracketing is sort of a hybrid that maybe could be a good solution if we fixed some bugs and tuned it better. It might also be a waste. I don’t think the intent was to form a game where the majority of players and teams were unhappy or bored.

This is where I think we go in different directions. Games are supposed to be fun for the majority. If the majority don’t like to play politician, maybe a better balance exists.

I believe this game lacks proper training wheels. You got from 0 to 60 instantly. There isn’t much to ease your transition. To train you
Into habits that will make you better equipped for the part of this game where you have to work like you suggested.

It’s my personal opinion, but I believe a lot of things can be done with UI where you are guided better and with training wheel mechanics where you sacrifice greatness for survivable mediocrity until you are ready to take the next step.

I also think the current mechanics are getting better but not stopping some of the behaviors which may not be great for the game. Mostly I think it should be survivable on a level 2 land without joining group a or b. Some of the polarization has seemed to work against that…

I agree it’s tricky, but without change I fear the game is doomed. I’ve seen some clever mechanics that have succeeded in steering atlas, but I’ve also seen a lot more that completely failed. Social aspects are able to overcome most obstacles even to the detriment of atlas. I see atlas as young and people who enjoy the current situation are going to have to change one way or the other. (Even is that means atlas becomes a failure due to never changing)

I know it’s possible. But yes it’s hugely difficult. And unfortunately you can’t really simulate that, so live testing is not going away. I think some of these things can/should be more gradual and patient.

Not sold that it has to preserve (or not) the structure. All things are on the table.

I fully admit most of my good ideas get shot down due to aspects that exist outside of my gameplay experience.

But I do believe more convience tools attached to formal alliances can be used to massage some. But there is a fine line of what could help.

I firmly believe having more than two sides is something that needs to happen. One thing which I’m aware of many holes that can be poked, might be to allow teams/alliances to mark each other as hostile/friendly/neutral/unknown/etc. I know the big groups have developed their own ways of doing this (and both sides think it’s some big secret that makes them competitive yet they both already have similar things) and to me this just shows me it’s lacking in game support so we had to do it out of game.

That’s a sort of for instance. I have a lot of ideas as do the atlas team and the earlybirds team and the community. And there are politics to deal with including pg internal politics. But I do think iterative improvements can happen even if they come with painful adjustments…


Wow, you know this is just a game right? You might want to consider doing something else with your spare time if it’s causing you this much angst. :eyes:


I think u need to take the little yellow pill next time. That other one was too much. I’m on a small team and doing just fine. Minding our business, taking care of business, and getting stronger every day. I’m guessing, just guessing, ur one of those guys trolling LC with this too huh :face_with_monocle:


While I agree with your sentiment, I just don’t know how it would be possible simply because of the logistics of Atlas.

Sure, bigger alliances exist. But in reality, you get nothing from the alliance except extra muscle and protection. This is still a team, not alliance, motivated game. I don’t get points for the Level 5 land owned by my alliance members. We don’t get our bonuses from alliance castles either. Essentially, Atlas “Alliances” are simply a group of teams that are able to use each other to prop each team up individually. And since infrastructure is capped, you need to constantly expand outward to increase your ranking/rewards.

Because of the individualistic nature of owning land, the limited land available, and the inability to increase our ranking vertically on land, when we look to increase our land horizontally, we simply scope out a target and see if they are affiliated with the alliance. If not, they are fair game to attack. So from our perspective, there will always only be two sides.

Another issue causing this is the lack of truly great teams in D1. Essentially there are 5 teams (Dreads, BWAB, RR, NMO and LD) that are strong and can stand on their own. And Dreads/LD and RR/NMO both hate each other. That is the reason why there are really only two sides. The normal game spilled into Atlas. There needs to be either more parity in the game or we need a few more massive teams to supply a third or fourth option. Because when Dreads comes knocking, you either join them or join up with their enemies. And right now there is only one viable option to attempt to stop them.

Perhaps solutions could be to expand an official “alliance” to like 10 teams, scrapping the atlas seasons, and having alliance seasons with corresponding alliance rewards would be better. And have daily “alliance bonuses” or something like that. Having a massive alliance would more likely be a detriment in this structure. The 5ta aspect in game really only allows passage and the use of castle buffs. It doesn’t do anything other than that. I think tweaking alliances and providing alliance based rewards could possibly create more stratification in the pursuit of land.


Too much thought went into this reply…don’t think this thread warrants that :joy:


Hmm Three Kingdoms theory? :joy:


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Make it like gym class. The teams in D1 can each be captains and they can go through the leagues and pick their teammates, and boom! There’s your alliance. :joy:


Oh and before I forget… my lvl is only 190… because unlike … I would say half of you… i never used the rubie hack or the token hack to grow faster.
So yes my lvl is because i never cheated!
Unlike the many that gloat about their lvl or force their unwanted troll opinion… they are the ones I find used the hacks to get where they are.


Mods/PG Banned you, not “bullies”.

Good thought, but the way it was posted was hyper aggressive…and not how the game mechanics work.

Bigs don’t crush smalls unless the smalls get in the way (or the bigs are actually jerks, which is a handful of teams).

As have many of us. I’ll hit 4 years in a few months.


It’s not unfair rules, it’s a difference in team. Diamond and high Sapphire teams tend to have higher activity, engagement, and skill than low platinum and gold teams…

Half right.

Actually most of the forum goes are super super anti-cheat. Insanely so. I am actually a high level for time playing the the time/money that was put into the account. You’re 190 because you’re on a lower team, are less active, and are a free player. all things that are okay.

mmm. no.


Yeah except a lot of teams look like the nerd with glasses that never gets picked. (For those who weren’t nerds in school, welcome to the other side of the fence. Haha)

Yeah i don’t see a solution. I HOPE a lot of what’s going on is temporary and needs to find a new balance. But I’m seeing a lot of top teams get involved on lower lands… way more than before. (Although sometimes it’s just due to consequences of actions or words that weren’t carefully chosen in the heat of the moment)


Yep - or to control it to gain access to where they want


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Dude, grow up.


My apologies, that last bit was not called for. I do have the utmost respect for all you have done here and for many member Red.
I think it’s just like what was said just before… a poor choice of words at the wrong time.
I appolise for venting in anger…


It’s okay to be angry, but it’s not okay to name call or blame people for things. If you have ideas, make suggestions. If you want help, ask. Disagreements don’t mean that people hate one another.


But all this doesn’t stop me from fighting for the lower ranks and speaking out. No matter the negative replies I get here.