Over larger alliances controlling you?

Hello fellow fighters,
I have been here for a number of years, seen an amazing game go through many many changes.
I remember seeing many teams happily fight just because they loved this game before Atlas came about.
Unfortunately I also saw the walk out of many a team and good people. The last 6 months has become a bit of a farce! Meaning… the highers get stronger and fatter as the lowers become a just a simple manipulated tool and PG let this happen still. Next roll out. Be wary of where and who you stand next too!
Today that stops!
This year marks the start of an alliance!
Syndicated… I have watch for a long time how this works. It is time for a mass alliance of gold and Platinum teams to fight back. Strength in numbers.
I’m over watching major alliances grab what is good for them. Gold and Platinum newbies get told what they are to do or face annihilation.
PG does nothing to stop this… so I ask all teams in both the above mentioned leagues to stand up for yourself!
We will wait until or if… the next roll out of teams hits Atlas. We wont destroy you we will defend you!
A mass anarchy of lower teams is long over due.
Until rules change protecting lower leagues.
CrazyViking333… team… Syndicates.
We have already been targeted because I chose to stand up with only 50 people behind me.
To make this game a little more fair… where do you stand?