Overall mill buff

Was there a major mill buff? And why? @PGJared
My (now) level 35 mills are producing way less than they were at level 29 before this event

Did you mean way more than level 29?
Else your post is not describing a buff.

Buff, the new Nerf!

Any idea on the mangitude of how big/small this Nerf is you are describing?

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Maybe he had the wood boost, and at the creation of this post it ran out and now he’s like, why is it giving me less wood than it was?

I meant nerf, not buff. And the wood boost didn’t affect it. My level 29 mills had a hourly rate of 30 before the event, I upgraded them to 35, and now there hourly rate is 15k…

Are you sure it wasn’t like 3k or something?

50 Mils barely produce above 15k sans research and wood boosts:

Yeah i’d be willing to bet that you have a lumber production boost active before the event. That’s very close to the numbers for a L29 mill with +200% boost

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