Overlapping Continents


I’ve looked around, and Davu seems the only region with the gold mine overlapping the continent. and when the Poachers pass under, you’ve got no chance to target them.

Please give the gold mine a little nudge.


There is more like that. Yesterday we got attacked and they were inside gold mine so we had to go through island menu to see who was there. Also some android players like myself can’t even see poachers movement. So sometimes there is no poachers to us. Lol


Poachers move? I thought they just randomly spawned and stayed in one location?


There is a arrow showing the direction of the movement. Well at least for IOS users lol


Yes, they move very slowly. You should be able to see an arrowed line where they will go. I believe it takes the full spawn period before they reach the end of the line. When they spawn under mines or castles/islands (which is VERY annoying), you have to wait for them to travel out.
One workaround I found was by zooming right into the map and trying to get the mine or island to disappear by moving it beyond the top of the screen and slowly scrolling towards poacher which doesn’t disappear this way, allowing me to select and move to the poacher. Then doing the same thing again to attack it.

Path & Poacher glitch

I don’t have arrowed lines either. :exploding_head:

I did find that trick of clipping through the skin and rotating around to be able to access poachers under the mines, just wasn’t aware they moved at all or there were arrows?


Seems to be an Andriod issue judging from the other threat just posted. I’d show you what it looks, like but Atlas has been down since just before start of event. Presumably for the imminent update, but how are we to know? :man_shrugging:


Check the image in top. The orange arrows or something… and yes I don’t have them as well.


The photo was taken from my iPhone, and the orange arrow indicates their direction, and yes they move, slowly :+1:


Have some updates for our early December release that are targeted towards making Android better in this regard, and improving some mine positions.

Crash crash and crash some more

Thanks @pgEcho. Good to know :+1:


Ouch - yep, sorry about that. We’ll move that base over a little bit. Thanks for the heads up!



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