Overlapping poachers


I know you’re aware of it, but please, another gentle nudge here — overlapping poachers is getting ridiculous. I’ve spent fifteen minutes tapping all over the screen, and still been unable to select a poacher that’s sitting very close to another one or in the middle of a mountain. I have a screenshot of three poachers directly on top of each other. No one was able to hit any but the top one at all.

Maybe have a pop up list of each region that lets you select from the islands and poachers and mines there?


Something very similar is happening with portals now too. Went through the NML one and had a hell of a time getting back because they overlap so much.

Agree a drop down navigation list would be a big improvement if the procedural generation of the poachers and portals can’t be made to play nicely with the 3D map.

Also would be a nice small QOL improvement if portal(s) leading to areas owned by us were a different color for ease of reference.


Oh, and speaking about poachers there is either a mistake in the preview screen or the results screen. The element fragment payout is a fraction of what I was led to believe from the preview.


I was just on my way back here to mention the portals. Selectability is becoming a nuisance. It’s like threading a needle every time you want to use a poacher or a portal.

And the selectable area for islands is way too wide. Half the time when I tap on a poacher or a player, it selects an island scarcely near where I’m tapping.


I was wondering the same thing too. Thank you for posting this.


The poacher payout is exactly 20% of the amount showing in the menu. I have a theory for that.
Someone thought 5 x 20% is 100% in total
100 % ÷ 5 different shards = 20%. Guess the one who did that forgot to refresh the Poacher menu :eyes:
I was actually wondering if they “gift” us suddenly 17.5k shards in 1 attack



I get more and more frustrated with atlas every day.
1 selectability, click boxes and merry-go-round on poachers is frustrating
2 moving to an island, poacher etc and attacking only to be told you need to move there, but when you click move now, it says your already there (make up your mind)
3 having the resources to build troops, but it constantly telling you you dont, but 45 mins later you do, but youve been farmed by then
4 invader attacks not counting in egg missions half the time
5 these poachers that randomly go under items you cant select (just put them in a stationary spot, or fixed tracks that dont hide them)
6 game imbalance- there are tons of threads on this.

i know this is a beta, but seriously, didnt we have enough things to fix in main game without introducing a completly separate game with its own set of issues?


We’re still testing new poacher routing code which will (finally) put an end to these overlaps.

And thanks for the feedback @larsXatx. I’m sharing this with the team; some of it is addressed in the fast approaching December release, and other pieces will need to be fixed or seem worth improving.


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