Owed for breeding prizes

Dear pg I wasn’t able to collect on prizes during breeding as my phone or this game wouldn’t allow me to. Phone better but when I looked to see if prizes were in castle they are not by the way . Please let me know what recourse I have as I did very well during breeding except on getting prizes in castle and with all the glitches I’m expecting to retrieve prizes.

Put in a ticket.

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How do I do that?

And thank you

This is how you file a ticket in game for support:


Thank you so much!!

I always wish that this part of the post in the FAQs can be separated from the others :sweat_smile:

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Me too!!!

Well I apologize if I put it in the wrong place . Geez!!

There’s a faq that we’re talking about:

Thank you and sorry about that!! It seems people look for things to complain about!! I never know where to post really!!

I typically just do general discussion unless it’s obviously an event-war post (or a strategy-guide post). I don’t have Atlas so I don’t post in that section. Announcements are for PG to initiate. Off topic is for posts that don’t actually relate to War Dragons directly (thus the “off topic” categorization). If it’s recruitment it goes in that category :blush:

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I sent in a ticket also and help told me they are sorry they can’t help me. @Arelyna I’ve sent you a pm with my ticket info please help.

I hope they can!! I had over 18 prizes I couldn’t get because it wouldn’t let me . The glitches I go through with this phone and game drive me batty I’ve considered quitting but I love this game I just want to fix these issues

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