Own team's point chart



Please allow us to see how much our base worth…

Off topic.
No love for Temple Raid?
While the others are mentioned in the default text… :eyes:


I asked in league chat. Like five people told me. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m only worth 103 points. :cry:


point will increase a long with level of pit
What do you do with that information?


To further bugging my teammates to build and breed better.
We don’t have invader to say “I told you so…”


Event points are purely distributed by level though, how will that push people to build better bases?


bug the one has the most defending banner show up?


isn´t it simply ranking of level?
In lower pits highest base gives 125 Points.
Second highest 124…


I think it’s more like Level rank…

:thinking: won’t help during fight pits, since each team can only be attacked once for each set of 11.


Yes. However, the team members are ordered by medal, not level. Therefore, it’s a bit hard to tell level rank…


That’s kinda exactly what “distributed by level” means :grin:

But my question is: how would that make people improve their base? If anything it would push people to worse bases, since increasing your level with a crap base is much easier than building a good base.


No, it’s still by level. The display order just puts leader first and officers (in order of level) immediately after.

And I have to disagree that knowing that a higher level player is worth more points in fight pits is going to help convince said player that they should stop building a trash base… If all of the other logical arguments haven’t helped, I doubt this extra data point will.


Definitely hasn’t helped that lvl 168 player still using gold dragons :man_facepalming:


I am 99.9% certain that I am the lowest level player on my team so I don’t see my base being hit in the event unless players are truly desperate to find a target they can hit… and given what league I’m in, I don’t see that happening :rofl:


For me it’s just friendly competition in the team. “I’m worth more points than you.” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I need to pick up more levels next fort. I only did 2 (almost 3) because that hit the team minimum and I wanted to save timers for this season :upside_down_face:


level hoarder :confused:
Don’t blame me i am builder hut cap freak :see_no_evil:


Breed fast, build slow…

I hope so. However, in member list, it’s ordered by medal.
Asking this is to allow us check the level rank…


I think my kill island is nearing the point where I need emerald eggs to continue anyway :sweat_smile: (at least for my attack towers. I’m still working on getting my mages up to the same standard :laughing:) and I need to breed Hedran before I can use him and wraith to get any extra emerald eggs :cry:

During breeding I’m picking up missing green and gold eggs to get me to the platinum construction research and then getting Hedran.


my kill island goes up equally… no discrimination… unfortunately perch suffers… due to lack of pearls


I was an ignorant player in terms of base building when I was lower level :sweat_smile: I’m still slowly working on correcting those mistakes (like the pathetically low mage towers :see_no_evil: my base also used to be longer :woman_facepalming:t2:)

Edit: and by slowly I mean I’m going as fast as is sustainable for an E2P player worried about resources but it does take a bit of time to turn a base around. It’s more like turning an aircraft carrier than a speedboat. Aircraft carriers can’t exactly turn on a dime :sweat_smile:

Edit 2: sorry for going off topic @OrcaFrost :joy::joy:


not saying mine was better, you know you aren’t high enough yet though… you caught up pretty quick, if not as fast as me, maybe around lev 150? still reasonable i believe :see_no_evil: