Ozys shield no longer eating mage SS

Just a heads up that Ozys white shield has stopped absorbing mage tower super shots.

Ozy filled a niche role on my roster as a mage soaker.

For the past week mage super shots have both stolen rage and frozen rage regeneration on Ozy. Previously they harmlessly bounced off the shield.

Done a fair bit of testing as initially I thought maybe the shield broke via a cannon or howie.

Hopefully Ozys shield can be fixed - thanks!!

Get and upload footage to be posted so Galileo can bring it to the specialist team.


I’ve noticed this myself as well. Also, “mage soaker”… that’s a very smart idea. I’m gonna steal it :joy:


So far ozzy shield is working well for me on temple raids . I’m Not sure if they have fixed the issue already.,doubtful, but yes Definantly submit a ticket if it is still not working properly


Pretty messed up that a lvl 1 orange dragon can just take out a rage drain island all on his lonesome, eh?

Ozy confirmed op, pg please nerf.


The sad thing is, this is how people on the forums are-or they say to buff (pre nerf) Surt, no inbetween

Yep working again now for me too :slight_smile: