P1 Looking Very Active, Active 400+

Looking For Very Active/Active Players

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We are looking for Players lvl 400+ that want to be a part of the Rising of CelticWarHeros .:shamrock: Participation is Mandatory and we are a 100%Atlas Team.

Must be 21+(Adults Only).Speak & Understand English. And participate In all requirements of
Very Active,Active by War Dragons Protocol.:four_leaf_clover:

LFM CelticWarHeros Platinum 1

Three C’s principles apply: Compassionate. Communication and Team Chatter Makes us a friendly natured team.:four_leaf_clover:

If this is the Team you been looking for to Advance in WD. Check out Our requirements Below to see if this is what you’ve been looking for.

Contact:DrummerGirl7 or QueenofCelts to ask any Question.Hope to Fly with You Soon!:shamrock:

LFM Platinum 1 DrummerGirl7


I dont know why I feel offended when I see p2 looking for 400+ :sweat_smile: just IMO no offense
you can of course post this ad here but there are also s2 looking for 400+ just saying…
If you need stronger players to move up then what do you have to offer? Not very clear🤔

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Everybody From Sapphire is always offended when anything from Platinium post in recruiting to find players.


I ve been in p2 90% of my overall time in the game. Maybe I feel ofended bc I actually don’t qualify to P2 team :sweat_smile: