P1 - MadTeaParty🏴‍☠️ - lv400+

Nyah, I dont feel like filling out the format thingy. Bite me. Have this instead.

Plat1/(really close to Sap3) MadTeaParty🏴‍☠️ is looking for a few more players after the current event.

:small_blue_diamond:8/8 is always met
:small_blue_diamond:9/10 team chest (will be back to 10/10 next season, we be purging)
:small_blue_diamond:Consistently top 5 in all events
:small_blue_diamond:Typically top 50 (top 100 on a bad day) global for glory hunt
:small_blue_diamond:Pirate 5ta with teammates sniping multiple times a day
:small_blue_diamond:Yes we do in fact have castles so we do provide 880 egg tokens or more
:small_blue_diamond:Amazing coordination and response time for events and atlas

:small_orange_diamond:LV400+ or you feel confident you can make the below requirements in S3
:small_orange_diamond:8/8 achievement
:small_orange_diamond:5/5 quest starting next season (4/5 for rest of this one)
:small_orange_diamond:No war misses
:small_orange_diamond:No atlas zeroes
:small_orange_diamond:Be atlas-driven and eager to snipe, raid, and earn your very own hate mail
:small_orange_diamond:Have a good base/DP or be working on it
:small_orange_diamond:A mail saying you will be absent for an event should you have something come up - we are forgiving but not if you leave us in the dark!

PM me if interested or mail me on game, questions are welcome, people who can not make those requirements but want to encouraged to mail me as well.

:hocho: CalmPotato


I’m not confident I have a great base, but I’m willing to take constructive criticism. Are you guys willing to coach on that one? Other than that I can meet all the requirements; mostly I’m sick of getting 8/8 consistently, and other people on the team not and we keep missing that 1.2k sigil prize :woman_facepalming:

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Yes we can definitely help you improve your base.

And yeah I feel that, 8/8 is important, I can guarantee you we get that. We are only struggling to hit 10/10 chest, 9/10 seems consistent.


Awesome, I’ll send in an app after the current event.

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If anyone is shy we are still looking! Got more spaces and even more to come, we may bite but I promise you it’s in the best way :wink:

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MTP is a awesome team I really recommend giving them a shot if you are looking for something different but fun :star_struck:


MadTeaParty is global rank 279 as of currently and we will be getting ranking points from PvP. We may be going into S3 for the next event, but will be bouncing back to P1.

We got spaces for a few more (Atlas addicts/glory diggers) players. Next week is glory hunt too so come join in on the festivities :pirate_flag:

We are currently Sapphire 3! And looking for more players as the season ends. If anyone is interested, drop me a reply or mail in game. Cheers to the new season, good luck.

Great team, joined and haven’t regretted it :slight_smile: being a pirate doesn’t mean you can have a castle

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