P1 outstanding Atlas bonuses 86+ active a must

**Looking for Multiple Active Teamates **

LFM – Platinum 1SantoDracones86+


anguage: English
Time Zone: International
Played time: Enough to get 86+
Age Range: Mature
Elite Account?: Optional
Dragon Roster Includes: Any
Highest Lineage Dragon: Any

About: SantoDracones

You will reap all these benefits through Atlas infrastructure:

  • 44% dragon XP over max at each mine! :dragon:
  • An extra 1175+ daily egg tokens! :egg:
    650 egg tokens per day from forts, 75+ per day from rider missions plus the standard league bonus
  • Rider Missions for 12x15min speedups, 75-90 egg tokens and 3 crafting scrolls every 12 hours at only level 1, 450 tokens at level 3 :stopwatch:
  • Atlas Events like Troop, Rider and Primarch leveling which give speedups, diamonds and shards for crafting! :gem:
  • 308%+ Bonus to all elemental shards from poachers! :snowflake:
  • Over 168M resource capacity in team banks providing unlimited food and lumber at all times! :sheep::evergreen_tree:
  • Atlas Season to get many rewards for earning glory, including Elite Gear! :dagger::shield:
  • 63% bonus gold and 23% reduced troop training time! :moneybag:

** Plus a friendly, relaxed team who will help you get the most out of the game :grin::v:

We require event minimums, daily war check-in, reading the team wiki and mail, plus troop training :muscle:

So apply if you are active and you may join on Monday after the event rewards are given! We are always full and review only, so go ahead and hit apply after It says we are full!

We will be glad to have you!! :grin:

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