P1/S3 players need a better team?

Hello all,

I am just a player on GloryFlames

I want to share my experience with this team to help those of you who are trying to find a team in P1/S3 and develop our rosters.

GloryFlames benefits:

  1. 8/8 team achievements reward ( additional 1.2k sigils/event )
  2. 5/5 chest reward ( additional 1.2k rubies & 300 sigils/event )
  3. Atlas tokens ( additional 880 tokens/day )
  4. Daily tokens ( additional 450-500 tokens/day )
  5. Support from leadership and team to continue to grow as a player
  6. Prime training and castle guard swap to help you progress in Atlas
  7. Gold bank access ( protection for your atlas gold )

GloryFlames expectations:

  1. Do all daily quests
  2. Participate in the seasonal event and meet the minimum event point requirement for 8/8
  3. Participate in the war
  • Very easy if you are a good player
  • Leadership kick all that fail to meet expectations, so don’t worry about bad players leaching

GloryFlames candidate recommendation:

  1. Average 200k atlas troops kills / month
  2. Level 500 or higher
  3. Strong base defense
  4. Eldritch or higher dragon tier

This is a solid team that offers active/very player freedom and benefits that many teams in P1/S3 don’t.

The team helps me grow from level 205 to 442 within 1 season
I have both Curdart and Mogorot mythic dragon
I finished last season at 4.5m glory claiming most of the atlas seasonal rewards. This season, I’m already at 850k glory

You can message our officer @Stoick or reply here and I will have someone reach out to you.


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