P2 CWH Looking for Very Active/Active Players 300+

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We are Looking for Very Active Players that complete 7 Flames in their War attacks and Defend as many attacks as possible, Players must complete Daily Quest per Event day, Participation points in All Events, both Atlas & Main game events.:four_leaf_clover:

Which Means Mandatory:
-Events & Quest
-Atlas & Events
{Event’s are 100% 25k in points Minimum}
{Quest in Events/Atlas Mandatory!!}
{Event Quest must complete 5 Chest-240points}
{Atlas Events must complete 20k in points}

Must be 21+(Adults Only).Speak & Understand English. And participate In all requirements of
Very Active,Active by War Dragons Protocol.

LFM Platinum 2 CelticWarHeros

Contact:DrummerGirl7 or QueenofCelts to ask any Question In Game.Hope to Fly with You Soon!:shamrock:

LFM DrummerGirl7 Platinum 2

im to small

What lvl are you

Just need to know …still have room …

504 :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Good One​:crown::grinning::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Need a team…I’ll take you All Day

Looking for 2 Players 200+…email IG please