Pack costs across different regions (EU,USA,etc) - Suggestion

Just a basic thought: (repost from reply in other thread)

$100usd pack e.g. Architect Pack = say 27345 rubies and10 gold chests

We know that this pack costs
USA: $99 usd
EU: 110 Euro

and lots of different prices elsewhere

The reason is that apple/google control the “markup” on certain items, and not really in PG’s hands.

However, why not do this
Do the currency conversion
110EU = $129

Now you know they pay 29% more for the pack

Then create something called

EU-Architect pack - 110Euro - Contains 1.29* (27345 rubies and 10 gold chests) and only sell it in EU region.

Yes the odd chest will be .8 of a chest, but surely normal mathematical rounding could be done.

This would make it a LOT more fair world-wide

$100 usd chest would = 110Euro chest = etc etc etc

Thoughts? @PGJared


Just to clarify: I am aware that those stores set their own “final sell price” depending on whatever costs they feel is relevant, but from what I understand the developer gets a “set value”

Aka PG might get $80 for every $100 pack sold, and $80 for every 110Euro pack sold.

(or $20 whatever the value is is irrelevant)

I like this idea! paying £99.99 in the UK for the same pack that players in the USA pay $99.99 is not a great feeling as they get more value for money. Since PG set the contents and the base price of the packs they should easily be able to adjust the contents of the packs to match the final cost after Apples “mark up”.


EU countries have a tax on digital goods like these of around 20%, that explains most of the difference.

Not really, same applies to Asian/African/South American etc. I just used EU as example.


That’s a great idea !

Canada is on the same situation as any other non US countries. We pay 139 CAD for a 100 USD pack when the CAD vs USD is no where near that ratio. That’s the price PG sets. Apple takes his toll after ! The real price of the pack is in fact 162 CAD - charged on the CC. Two years ago it was almost 1 for 1 CAD VS USD ratio but we still payed 39% more. I agree with the OP proposition but PG will never do this.
I do agree there are costs for each foreign transaction, but never PG will convince me those are more than 10%. All non US spenders pay more than 30% for that. If this is fair, I let others judge.

Actually on android I pay 99.99€.
It’s an apple thing only (at least here)

FWIW: For US $99.99 Architects Pack will actually cost $110.29 but due to how apply chargers they post a sticker price of 99.99 in game, but the charge and receipt for iTunes will be $110.29. This went up by ~ $5 somewhat recently.

There are laws in Europe that require the sticker price to match what you are charged including taxes and such. In the US it is customary to add taxes after the sticker price. Google handles this differently or did.


99.99€ is more than 100 USD. But hey, if you like it…

Fair enough, what I meant is that they can balance it.

110=130 then, if not 99 = 130 :slight_smile: Or whatever the case might be

If you read well you’ll see that I’m not judging anything.
I agree with OP here, just saying only Apple make us pay more (I have an alt on iPad so…yes…i know)
99.99 € on android
110€ on ios.
Both are still more expansive than usd (and again, I agree with the OP)

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Why are you asking to pay more? We should be asking to pay less for the same packs. i believe if PG were to lower their prices they would have more spenders.


I was just providing info. The irony being that most of the US folks dont really know what they are paying within that accuracy.

€99.99 = $119.21 ($8.92 difference ~ 8%)

Googling it’s revealed this difference is due to VAT changes caused by brexit. No clue why google is not similarly impacted.

Honestly I think the problem here is that when you apply VAT PG makes less money, so they kindly passed it on to you lovely folks in the UK rather than making less money

I believe your suggestion is sound, they can do this (UK only pack) but I’m not sure they would choose to. Ultimately I think the pack costs are impacted by what people are willing to pay. (Which is the reason the aussies we’re getting screwed so badly)

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Down here in Aus on android the 99.99$ pack is 139.99$
Conversion price should be 127.95$😡

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Maybe it have something to do with the ITunes cash cards. I can sell them if i looking for some special offers for 85-80€ per 100€ itunes card!( in Germany) Are this kind of discounts are common in the USA , too?

We pay around 124$ for a 100$ pack in India. Its not just one or two other countries.

We don’t set foreign currency prices. We set a USD price and the marketplaces set the conversion. If there are applicable taxes those are added as well.


Do i have a option to buy packs over the u.s.? Or better can i buy rubbies directly from you guys?
Or do i have to by all the credits here in my country thru itunes?

I am aware it is not a PG issue it just rubs me the wrong way. Sorry if I came across as mad at your team about this issue