Package Resources

May have been suggested before but here goes…

You ever find yourself with too much food and lumber can’t complete that loot x food or loot x lumber mission???

So you just offload a bunch to random team mates in hope they have space… ?

Lots of resources going to the void…

Well how about the ability to package those resources??

We already have lumber, food and gold packs in the game why not the ability to craft them at the cost of those resources plus time?

Could be achieved at the forge i know those guys are a bit fed up of making magic clocks…

Heck we could even grind farmers into bullhorns… yeah maybe a step too far…

Let me know your thoughts and apologies if this has made it here before…


I’d rather forge clocks over these food/wood packs you’re suggesting. Go hunt if you ran out, plenty of it out there that players have. Why do we need to forge it. Use the boost too during Fortification which is the only possible option you should be using/needing wood but some teams have banks already to stored in it anyway.

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I really like the idea of being able to create food or lumber packs. I don’t think they belong in forge though as you already have to wait for lumber mills and sheep farms to fill but maybe a small ruby fee would be alright and by small I mean like 20 rubies, really doesn’t need to be expensive and shouldn’t be

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Oooft if someone literally called lumber doesn’t like it maybe it doesn’t have legs :rofl::no_mouth:

Running with the forge maybe it could have a separate tab…




But i do like the small ruby charge idea for instant packaging. Give the smithys a little break they do deserve it after all them speedups.

Maybe the mills could have the option to create them…

Usally produces x amount per hour but option to click it into package mode takes a little longer but produces packs. Packs to be used for convince and speed during those harsh Fortification winters :no_mouth:

Let me forge embers and electrum bars instead :).


Thats something noone can argue with :grin:

Maybe at the cost of those easier to obtain RSS :thinking:

Do we have Fortification winters?
Are wood packs from (previous) Trading Post not enough?

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I belive so but maybe i am alone in that…

Wood reserves down low and most attacks not resulting in much wood gains during fortification as its all being used… might just be me though… :thinking:

The trading post does resolve some of these but lets be honest Reginald aint always got time to run a shop he got bases to guard. Besides i hear hes abit of a hustler…

Maybe we combine the 2 suggestions.

A Forge tab named Resources (there be plenty space in that left column)

Here we could forge those embers and bars or even package our wood,food and gold…


Do it on/after the weekend. It gives plenty of wood.
Getting from 0 to maxed in one attack isn’t that rare either.

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Love it a resolution for a problem the suggestion resolves :laughing:

I guess its more of a convenience thing…

quality of life improvement

I’m just confused why. Food and lumber aren’t scarce at all, and as previously mentioned there are boosts that exist already. Why would I use rubies on anything other than chests or something actually valuable and a pain to get?


I think this is a good idea I’m always having to dump food or lumber for quests I never collect from farms from one fort event to next fort, but rather than using forge maybe we could have the option in storage hut to change food or lumber into something we need more.

i think the ability to pack up my excess lumber and excess food and save it for a rainy day is a great idea…hence, it will never happen

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