Packs. Help. SOS. Why u do dis

I only have 2 pack options in my store.
I contacted support and have done all the steps they suggested and haven’t heard back in a while.
I’ve tried rebooting logging out, turn it off and on, reinstall (which slowed my game to a snail pace).
Has anyone else had this happen? If so how did you fix it?

This is an ongoing issue that we are still working to address. Generally, those troubleshooting steps work, but unfortunately it is not a perfect science. :cold_sweat:

Thanks Arelyna. I’ll try to be more patient :sweat_smile:


I flagged your post because this person wants help, and all you were doing is distracting from it. If you don’t like the game, I suggest you delete it and get off the forums.


Hahhaha! Just run​:laughing::laughing::laughing:
I won’t dare to bully her,and I definitely have more chances there.
It’s actually hilarious.
Ppl saying whatever they wants without any censor here (which is kinda new,because I use to see more respectful conversations on old forum,which actually was way nicer)
And then we seeing all those “D1 bullies hitting me with no reason”
Maybe in a few years you will understand that it wasn’t bullying against OP,but some useful advise.

Hey when my packs get all wonky, I un-install, re-install, clear cashe and log back on. The 3 or 4 times it happened to me, it solved the issue.

Hoping you get back your packs :kissing_heart:

The negative attitude just gets old. I guess I could have been nicer, but no one is forced to play the game. If it really is as bad as some people act like, why not just dust off your feet and move on?


I had the same issue but managed to get it resolved. Sign out from your account, delete the game and reinstall it and sign in back to your account. This should resolve your issue.

Not able to packs for a day slowed your game
To snail pace? Lol

No. Reinstalling the game as a fix slowed my game.

I also had to delete and reinstall and it fixed my pack issues a couple days ago. it also brought up attacks against me from 7-13 days ago that I never received a notification about… weird.

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