Packs in store not available to everyone?


Oh I did send in a ticket… the first reply was I made some adjustments to your account. Please uninstall and reload :roll_eyes: then the automated response about known glitches. Please submit another ticket if this isn’t your issue.

Next response was this…


  1. 358
  2. Vanguard
  3. 41
  4. Depends on the season


Level 203
Garnet tier
Hut 27




Got this one too.


I’ve got that pack too. Dunno why. Maybe they’re doing a test to see which is more popular?


level 315 harbinger

  1. image
  2. L363
  3. Vanguard
  4. Builder hut L41
  5. E2P / P2P (sometimes) :rofl:


Lvl 351, vanguard, 37,P2P


  1. Same pack as main, lvl 169, sapphire, lvl 25, e2p

  2. No pack, lvl 96, gold, lvl 20, e2p


WD must hate me, I don’t have either of those packs :pensive:

Lvl 162
Hut 25


Main on android, nothing :roll_eyes:
Lvl 73
Start tier gold
Builder hut lvl 17
E2P (with a pack once a while)

Mini on iphone:

Lvl 40
Hut lvl 8
Actually F2P

  1. None of the new packs
  2. 331
  3. Vanguard
  4. BH level 39
  5. E2P / P2P


Don’t have either!


2. 234
3. Garnet
4. 28
5. E2P/P2P


lvl 220
Builder hut 30


This is he response I just got!


They introduce new packs all the time. Why would this one take longer than the rest? :rofl:


Testing something I’m sure. Possibly which pack gets the most purchases.


Seems like a better way to test that would be to put both packs in everyones store, then see which one they pick.


Yeah, PG A/B testing is odd.


I didn’t say it was the best way to do it. Remember the testing for level up rewards? Lol