Pair of new Alts needing a team

Just created a new pair of alts (one for Android, one for iOS) so that I could run each simultaneously with level 1 Embers (my primary and main alt both leveled up Ember like an idiot).

Would like to have them in a team where they can help out with XP runs and all that jazz. I’ve been a regularly active player since early Summer 17 and only missed wars while I was out of the country for a week after thanksgiving.

Only interested in keeping them together but each will maintain appropriate activity for events and wars. Currently at levels 14 and 12 but that’s only after a single day. Will continue to grow as quickly as possible (with appropriate base design fundamentals) until after the next fortify event.

Message me here or on TheTXI in game or IxTTxI in game.

The two accounts are IxTTxI and TxIIxT, yes I am a very creative person.

TheTXI, both alts are welcome in team SchizoDrags.

Team was formed last week by 3 experienced Sapphire 3 players. At league change we’ll be going to Gold 3. Our team activity is 96/100!

You can apply at SchizoDrags. :+1:

Do you want them both on the same team?

If you plan to be active with both Alts then come join KittyNSausge :grin: a great platinum team moving up the ranks :shushing_face:

Lol I didn’t make the name 2 long term players did but I have grown rather fond of it :grin:

But anyways it’s a great team full of great active players who are more then willing to help with Xp runs, resources, etc…

We actually will be kicking 3 players asap & you can fill 2
Of the spots if interested shoot me a message :grin:

If you are still looking we are building a new team TaintedSouls.

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