left out of atlas expansion…plz explain…in saph1 right now



Probably we need to list all missed team under the thread…

thnks lutrus

How long have they been in S1? The list could have been created several weeks ago.

We’ve been in Saph 1 for several months. Even Saph 2. Never into Plat. Which is where the cut-off is.

was in saph 2 prior for many months…hit saph 1 this week…shouldnt matter when i see plat teams?

machine only been in saph 1 for this week?

laserlight u got anymore suggestions?

Yeah, I recognize the name from my S1 time. I heard they had similar issues when S1 was added. I don’t know if it was a guaranteed list or if they lottery’d.

how can a lottery allow plat over any saph?

If “All of Sapphire, and some Platinum 1 teams” are added. Shouldn’t we be included regardless of what Saphirre league we are in?

Yeah, but I don’t know if the devs actually added everyone in Sapphire. Only thing you can do is bug the PG staff if someone dropped the ball.

It wouldn’t be the first time PG dropped the ball…

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@PGEggToken @pgEcho @PGJared

plat teams getting in over saph teams come on…

Yep PG forgot to tag me in the Atlas game of duck duck goose. Lol

ive seen quick responses from pg members tonight…wheres ours…just give us a reason

Shouldn’t this be in atlas category?

Lol come on…too soon