Part two of mythic prizes?

Any news on when part two of prizes for getting both of last seasons mythics?

Kinda feel like part two is just to see how long people actually wait :man_shrugging:

That is the reward for completing all lines and unlocking two mythics :joy:? I can not wait to see part 2!


Honestly… that amount of rss you can get by opening 10 golden chest :roll_eyes:

Why I’m not surprised?

You can get 20 gold chests by opening 10 gold chests? That sounds like a great trick!

But yeah it’s a little underwhelming. Then again it’s free extras on top of all the normal line awards so meh.


I wish :joy:

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Need i say more? :joy: It’s PG :wink:

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I thought everyone knew how to do that. :rofl:


New base layout coming through

Yes but the season after Summerkai will be over soon …

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