Passing the torch!


Dragon Lords,

It’s been an incredible adventure. A little over two years ago, I joined the War Dragons team, diving head first into the world of mobile gaming. Being a gamer whose main focus was PC, secondly console, I had a lot to learn, but the premise of this game intrigued me. Having spent hundreds of hours with MMOs, the idea of creating teams/guilds to achieve something greater together than each individual could alone was something I could get behind.

War Dragons is set up to reward teamwork. I very quickly learned the only way to succeed was to reach out, meet people, and make friends.
Forming deep social connections over a mobile game?
Yes, it’s possible! You all showed me that.
You, our players, showed me the ropes, and have continued to engage other newcomers and sharing knowledge about the game.
You have continued to share your stories about your friendships, teams, and camaraderie.
Your energy has been contagious.

The War Dragons community is truly something special. I am humbled to have met so many welcoming, helpful, passionate, and creative people from many different walks of life.

That is what makes this announcement difficult to create, but also leaves me so excited to see what the future holds!

I am passing on the torch to our newly introduced team member, @PGCrisis. Together with @Arelyna, they will be championing your voice, and fostering continued growth of War Dragons community and collaboration and communication with our development team.

Crisis exudes passion for community building and gaming, so please join me in standing behind her as we move forward into new beginnings!

What does this mean for me?
I’ll be here through the end of the year, but working behind the scenes to help with the transition and ensure our crew is set up for success.

Starting with the new year, I will also be embarking on a new journey, and boy, will it be interesting. :wink: Everyone is welcome to stay in touch via Twitter (@thePixxel) and Instagram (@thePixxel)

Pixxel “Inactive/Banned”
PGJared exposed
A New Face to the War Dragons Community - PG Crisis!

See you around pixxel! Will miss your big smile that lights up the screen (and room I’m sure)! Thanks for all you’ve done for us and good luck in your next journey!


This makes me sad, I have thoroughly enjoyed watching your streams and reading things you post. I suppose all good things come to an end :pensive:

I also wanted to say I’m sorry for what I read in the forums recently. I saw your reply to somebody who recently left the Creators Faction and I truly felt for you. I wanted to reach out but wasn’t sure how. I can see you try your best for the community and reading your response, I felt for you.

All the best in the upcoming adventures! I wish you the best of luck in this new chapter!

Curly :blush:


So, while your post isn’t clear on the subject, you are leaving PG or transitioning to a new role?

Either way, good luck!


You’re still going to be playing though right?


I can’t adequately express how sad this makes me


So the face of war dragons is leaving?


At least we will have Aster to remember her by :cry:


Can we rename aster as pixxel?


I’m so saddened to read this Pixxel, idk what else to say! I watched you on Twitch the only show I watch btw - I don’t watch TV, follow you on Twitter and opened an Instagram account that I still don’t know how to work :neutral_face: totally bummed :frowning:


So sad to see you go :cry: been so much fun on streams! Will miss you, but wish you the best of luck on your new adventures! :two_hearts: Wednesday nights won’t be the same without you, Pixxel!


I will miss her truly bubbly personality. So sad to see her go. For sure.


I’m not sad at all, I’m sooooo happy that you are getting out pixx!! Congrats!! Really happy for you and keep in touch yeah?


We’ll miss you but congrats! Best of luck with your new opportunity :smiley:


Thank you all so, so, much!


Awe wow :cry: sad to see you go!
:grin: happy for the new opportunities!!!
Good luck!


You can already rename any of your dragons personally.

My Aster was renamed as Pixxel the moment it hatched (well it was the first thing I did anyway)


You can change the name of your Dragon in the den to any name you like just use the little pencil next to the standard name


@Pixxel take care and good luck on your future jouney! :wink:


Pixxel, you will be missed. @Arelyna @PGCrisis you have some big shoes to fill!