Password Recovery question

So, i have this friend and teammate that yesterday got a new tablet. He is not very tech savvy an he is not a good english speaker either. As you would expect he d like to enjoy the game on his new tablet.

What we first did was to log out from his old device and of course to login with the same e-mail and password on the new device. Problem is the password he thought was right…well, wasn’t. Now i know this can be solved by selecting “forgot password” (or something like that) but to make things worse he hadn’t logged in on his email address for like over a year and apparently Microsoft decided to suspend it so we cannot send a new password to this e-mail. I’ve already submitted 3 tickets requesting immediate solution on his behalf, but my actual question is…Will i have to wait a lot for a response from the support team? Will there be a solution? If anyone had a similar experience in the past your input would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your time :slight_smile:

I hope support answers you. Just curious what level is that account that you forgot the password?

Not really high but it was a years and a half worth…121 lvl

there should be a forgot password when you log in to the game. wait, getting the screenshot.

… read?

Thank you for your response my friend but as i stated above we cannot use it because it sends the form that we have to complete naturally to his email as it should…But microsoft has suspended his email due to inactivity…Now…Lets say that i try to send the form on behalf of his account to my email it will change the password of my account…

I hope this makes sense… :confused:

well, i just went straight to helping so sorry if I didn’t read that.

then have that guy send a ticket.

what language does your friend use?

greek…we are greek…well he can use a bit of english but not at this level…not at a level where he can describe the problem and understand the given solution…

should be simple enough.

Let your friend gather information like when did he created his account, any receipts of any recent purchases and what’s his previous email and new email.

After that, just give him a simple english like “I can’t access email to change password, please change email to a new one”

then provide the information that I said on that ticket that he is sending so that support can resolve it.

If you can still log into the game on the old device can’t he just change his password?

then use the new one on the new device?

Pretty sure you can. The “forgot” password e-mails but didn’t think changing the password required an email to be sent.

Worth a shot good luck

changing password still requires the old email to be accessed. I have changed my password twice using the in-game one and it will send me a password reset link.

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I provided the support team with enough info that of course he gave me…his email of course, our guild, his level, his ingame name and even a screenshot with hid pocket id and email minutes before logging out…shouldn’t it be enough info?

you can’t represent someone’s issue. It should be that person to send a ticket. especially since the issue is related to someone’s account.

Yeah, if they allowed this, imagine the accounts that could be stolen



well how can he submit the ticket when it requires your mail as communications mean between you and the support team when his account has been deleted by Microsoft because of inactivity? The problem here is that we cannot access his account in Outlook for example but the in game log in recognize the email as a valid one…

create a new email
send ticket
support will ask what email he wants it to change into (after providing all the info needed)

so your friend will have to create a new email to make contact since they can’t actually reset his account’s password due to the password reset being a link and will have the user input the new password.

let me get this straight… he will make a new email and this email the support will link it to his old account without causing loss of progress?

yeah, because even if support resets the password, without being able to access his former email, the password reset is useless.

Unless of course, he is able to re-activate his old email and can simply ask for a password reset.

This is the message that you will receive when you do a password reset in-game or when the support does it.