Past event dragons

Does anyone else wish that they could get a chance to upgrade past event dragons that you mite not of givin full attention?

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Yes. Take cover now. This has been brought up several times. Prepare for the onslaught of furious "No"s.

May I suggest adding a poll to your original post? It might be nice to get a vote on this rather than a bunch of post of highly opinionated people arguing for or against.

As @Torakochan said, this is probably zillionth post on same topic. Please use search function for whatever sake.
And please go the topic below and FAQs

It’s been posted by an employee that they don’t plan on bringing them back due to the fact they were limted time only items. Read the FAQ posted.


I understand that an employee has said in the past that they have no plans to do this. I’m also aware of your position on this.

That said, having no plans previously or currently doesn’t mean that PG won’t change their mind if player demand for this increases. If there are enough players willing to open their purse strings that it would be profitable after taking in the net loss from player that would quit because of it, then PG might do it. :woman_shrugging:

Sorry. First time on here.

Ok now I want Dimaaaa! Find a way to get it please, pretty please, pretty pretty please …

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Love it! :joy:

As posted with links above this has been raised several times previous. On top of that I can’t argue with a lock that size.