Past Seasonal Dragons

I dont know if i speak for alot of people or just some but it would be great if war dragons recycled all the past dragons and start the sigils at the last evolution stone got. This way older members can finally upgrade dragons that they dont have stones for. And new members can experience the other dragons. Dose anyone else agree? Lets get war dragons attention and let them know what we want.

No i didnt search i assume i wasnt the only one but i was talking to my league and they asked if i would make a forum so i said i would i logged straight on and did. I appreciate all the replies for better or worst and for me its not about power i want to collect and max all dragons. I cant do that without the stones and i am not rich so i cant spend buku money. Though i do buy things from time to time. I am not asking for them to give free stones only the opportunity to continue to grow my dragons. This is why i posted and maybe one day it will be heard though it may take a special event like 5 year anniversary or something. Anyway i am thankful for the comments it cant hurt to ask and if enough posts pop up or get enough replies. Who knows what may happen. Just look at snl they did it for betty. Lol

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Please use search function before posting.


And if someone could provide the link or quote in reference to this topic that would be great.

Won’t happen…

a lot of players poke this dead horse over and over again. its nearly Animal cruelty.

we dont need that. go for the currently divines of the season. u have 3 months time to collect dragons. if u dont spend money and time on it you shouldnt be able to get them for free at any time


Yeah, that’d be great, but I doubt it would happen.

I cannot say how many posts have already been made about this. At least 123456789. Use the search function

The old dragons suck… except the DODO :raised_hands:


Dodo sucks too

I was being sarcastic :woman_facepalming:

I know you were

What you ask for will not be brought back, there is no point in discussing because it has been discussed countless times. Use the :mag: button before posting please. Welcome to the forums!

You could have read one of the 2000 other posts about this same thing before wasting space and making another one.

This thread is very prone to closure… be careful

how about instead of closing all this threads, keep one open and let ppl have their discussion there.

Because PG has already SAID that they will not be bringing back past divines. If you looked at any of the other countless threads that have been opened and closed, you’ll often find that exact same quote being thrown around.

Yes I’m aware that PG will not be bringing them back as long as the game stays floating, that doesn’t mean people shouldn’t be allowed to discuss it and express their opinions about it. Throw it in the off topic if it makes you feel better, but if they cant find a place to talk about it, this posts will keep coming in regardless.

The dragons of each new season are stronger than the ones of the previous season. Even if you did max out an old divine, you’ll eventually have to bench it anyway. When Skarr, Nightshade, and Ebon came out for the very first season, I maxed Skarr’s line (got him up to sapphire tier).

I had a lot of fun flying Skarr, but I no longer fly him because he simply isn’t strong enough for me. But you don’t see me coming here and complaning that they should make more stones so I can keep flying him.

This would still require people to use the search function to find the open thread, soooo…yeaaa :man_shrugging:

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Is not complaining, is asking, also yes new divines are stronger in the sense that you get higher stones, but most of the ppl here asking for them to bring back old stones are casual players who will take a year to get through sapphire so for them is worth it. On top of that PG could also add newer stones if they were to bring back an old divine.

P.S. I couldn’t care less if they do bring them back or not, but no topic should be denied of a discussion as long as it falls within the boundaries of the game.

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That’s true but I was going more along the lines of assuming they did use the search bar, if they see the topic is closed they might want to try and revive it again to add their POV.