Patch loading : definition?


Do anyone know what’s meant by patch loading ?


I’ve never see that one.

Did you try turning it off and back on again?


Vertical concentrated loads that are applied to one flange, over the loading length, ss, of a steel girder are referred to as patch loading. The load can in this case be introduced through the upper or the lower flange.

That’s what google said. Do I know what that means: no.


I want know the correct definition for patch loading ( in silo design ) , that’s y I asked here .


I would need more context to run an adequate google search. Is it suppose to be pack instead of patch?


If you’re asking about pack loading… It’s a form of cheating.

Otherwise, maybe this isn’t the best place to ask your question?

Maybe someone here knows. :man_shrugging:


I hope someone knows about it , it’s patch loading . And thanks


Why would you want to know the def of patch loading for silos? And what type of silos are we talking about? Big? Small?
Just wonderin :man_shrugging::thinking:


I searched but couldn’t get, I need for silo design . I thought some people here may know that’s y I posted here.

There r many types based some factors .


I think now I can close this post , thanks all for ur reply .

@TheRedDelilah @ModMat can anyone close this post and thanks .


Structural Engineer?


Me ? Yeah , I’m design engineer in civil engineering field . But junior bc got passout from uni last year end .


Nice. I am on the same field but on implementation side.
Hopefully you will find what you need :wink::+1:


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