Patch notes discussion

When new patch notes are posted we typically used to have a discussion thread started to go along with them.

With the Patch notes posted in

We didn’t get an associated discussion thread.

I assume that there hasn’t been much interesting stuff to discuss in the patch notes recently and this is the reason for not having discussion threads.

For these latest notes I’m particularly interested in what “new/updated chat tech” means as nothing appears to have changed in game


This is an in game chat translator. You will be able to translate chat messages to other languages, great for LC as long as there aren’t any typos or mistranslations :joy:
Should be going live in 2-3 days I believe (it isn’t currently useable by players)


Tech for new invoker spells​:eyes::eyes::eyes:. Anyone an idea what kind of bonkers spells we gonna get?

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I believe it’s just the ability to have 4 active spells plus the invoke shot. Equipping a 5th spell (rider spell or combat consumable) will hide the icon for the invoke shot, but it will still work the same.


Seriously? That’s pretty cool! When did they announce that?

You know what would be a great update to add is if we had more options to filter notifications. Like I really do not need my phone to alert me to an email about a castle payment going through or when someone sends me resources but I would like a notification if my prime is being attacked. Or like I’d like a notification for being mentioned in team chat but not in others.

Or an option to disable defense banners during PvP events would be awesome.


I would like this too. I would also like an option to disable defense banners for your team about your own primarch for people who swap or go to Aligane. I don’t need defenders in Aligane.

I’m all for making notifications more flexible. I don’t need to be notified about being given lumber either. I would like to add a new one to let me know when rider missions are complete so I can send out 3 riders again.


That would all be great, especially the rider missions and turning off resource shipments. I definitely dont need to know when teammates are dumping wood on me in order to do missions.


I came to update to the latest version of the game on my Galaxy tab S2 and it says that the game is incompatible. Is it something in programming side or aren’t you making compatible for all models?

That’s all great, plus notifications about events start. Much better then sending @s

The s2 came out in 2015 with Android 5 and hasn’t been updated past Android 7 by Samsung, so no manufacturer support since 2017. Don’t think you can really expect it to support games in 2022.


Thank you for the reply

Would also like to see a way to “page/notify/etc” players in the event screen when we need to get their attention would be nice.

You mean to tell the players that aren’t inviting to their battles that they are hitting a player on a team that is part of one on the silly no-hits (really wish that all pvps were done in a way that nohits made no/little sense to have)


Lol that, (and I agree-- I hate event no hits with a passion!) and just for other things that come up. Quests; if they’re needed to check LINE for a time-sensitive situation; to change up the target or change event strategy in real time and not delayed (crystal caves); etc.

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