Patch Notes for today's update

Hi Folks!

We’re releasing a patch today with a few updates. Below are the details:

Added 5 New Dragons of Harbinger Tier

  • Legendary Warrior: Morthil
  • Legendary Warrior: Wydrian
  • Legendary Hunter: Estril
  • Legendary Sorcerer: Shezard
  • Mythic Warrior: Destar

Malefic Breath

  • Changed to spell color from Blue to White


Increased Max Storage Level

  • 82 → 100

Increased Max Dragons Den Level

  • 63 → 80

Increased Max Breeding Castle Level

  • 11 → 12

Increased Max Egg Incubator Level

  • 11 → 12

Bug Fixes

  • Breeding Obsidian dragons now requires level 11 Incubator and Breeding Castle
  • Spell Description Text
    -Super Heated Breath
    -Cure Poison Consumable

That was a bit amusing :joy: as I’m reading the list I’m thinking “when is this update?” And poof I get a message telling me to restart the game.

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Why is there no new evolution stone for Neptus?? So all the players that invested in this season will have a drag that will not evolve past Obsidian!! I can’t imagine the community will be pleased with this decision.
We always get the next evo stone for the season Mythic when the next tier is being released. Please fix this.


Neptus will get a Stone for harbinger. But not this week!
You will get it on the next Event on the 24th maybe.

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And just like that lumber vanished and everyone is defending their resources.

Is the 18 levels on storage a fucking joke/typo? 18 levels at 50d is 1800 12 hour clocks…for storage. Seriously, that’s unacceptable. Jfc


Another miscommunication by PG. Increasing the castle and incubator level behind customer’s back. I was so close to hatch wraith (just 80 fragments left) and I left there to get to work. I was planning to grind a bit more after work to finish him off :sob:.
Then new update came out, I can no longer hatch wraith due to lv10 incubator :sob:
If I only knew, I could have upgraded my incubator and castle last fortification :disappointed_relieved:


@PGCrisis this is unacceptable

EDIT: referring to Dak’s post above


Thank you thank you thank you for giving avyx the aster flip! Please keep it!


@DragonPunch what about xp cap, and potions

@DragonPunch any chance we can get the level requirements? (For den and maybe a sample
Dragon) I believe the last level of the breeding den used to require level 300, but certainly plenty of people have maxed Rhyo under level 300.

I noticed the den has level caps for Harbinger too. Namely I see 340 for level 68 and 345 for level 69

I was able to upgrade both of the breeding castle and the incubator at my current level, but I was able to breed harbinger dragons without upgrading the breeding castle. Is this on purpose? The same thing happened at obsidian. It seemed wrong back then and seems wrong now. (What do those levels do?)

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If you have lv11 incubator and castle, u can breed obsidians and harbinger (same as lv10 for emeralds and obsidians before

Shouldn’t level 12 be required for harbinger? If not, what was the point. Yes I had 11, but bred most of my obsidian dragons at level 10, and thought it was silly that I didn’t seem to need level 11.

I also don’t think the dragon den levels were actually needed. Hence why I’m asking the question. Plus with amoeba no longer being updated.

18 levels of storage? I hate PG. way to alienate all the level 300’s who have loyally played for 3 years. Screw you


You don’t need them. I had to upgrade to level 81 so I could get one of the buildings built. The dragon den will cap you well befofe the storage will.

I suspect those are for upcoming tower levels mostly. (Brace yourself)

I’m bracing myself to tell Jarad and his whole team to… oh wait I just did above


Well we all know where PG can store their 18 levels of damn storage. Leave it to PG to build a large building to protect lumber when a damn tarp would suffice. Idiots


Only need 85 for the dragons the rest are probably for towers

Agreed. Now have approx 80 days of upgrading just because I am a bit behind others who got the obsidian tier with level 10 castle and incubator.

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Can we confirm whether this is going to come with the new perch upgrade? More specifically the damage on these dragons on perch. They can basically one shot anything below obsidian.