Patch Notes for today's update


Can we include repairing hammers in gold chests please? Ill be happy with that dilution, since we have 1 million fire and ice shards that we cant use, hammers could be a welcomed item in gold. What do you say?


Theyre going to read this as…you want more attack/defense boosts? Okay! Here is more ballista resist…


we want more speed ups / tokens / sigils !!


Where did he ask to remove speedups/ tokens/ sigils?
Only Elemental embers and speedups/tokens/sigils are short and they are not gonna increase them. Also, if you defend in war even as low level you are always short of hammers. I would prefer hammer drop over stupid base defense boosts . Once i got 4 base defense boosts out of 10.


Well the problem is, as usual, that PG doesn’t understand how much of the game works so I’d be willing to bet whatever amount of hammers they put in there wouldn’t be enough to warrant a gold chest. Maybe a more reasonable option for people to buy with rubies. Or shorten forge time to 1 hour instead of 3, or increase amount from bronze chest (Defense Hammer x5 instead of Defense Hammer x1).

Of course the hammers in the gold chest was actually an awesome amount that’d be cool, but if I open up some golds and see a legendary drop of 15 Hammers or something I’m gonna be none too pleased lol


I guess he meant that the chance of getting speedups, tokens, and sigils will be decreased, with the addition of hammers.


I think as a general rule the amount of items that are found in most chests do not equate to the value of the chest. There should never be 1 of anything in a bronze chest because the drop rate is lower than that of normal drops during attacks. Minimum should be at least 5.


Completely agree.