Patch Update and it says it needs 15 characters to post this

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So here goes what is bothering me:

  1. Anybody else experiencing patch updates yesterday and today? My Alt account did not experience it. Patch update for the main game and Atlas
  2. Why does patch updates occurs during attacking another base and / or backing up attacks?
    • some files are very big which would take time
    • if there is/are back up/s the timing of downloads will also be different from each of the player becuase the speed of downloads are dependent on each (individually) internet strength
  3. I know that patch updates comes once in awhile, problem is sometimes it coincide with wars or PVP or XP multiplier runs.

I hope this should be look into.

EDIT: just found out the source of the patch update, ATLAS. Already downloaded all the files for Atlas while moving from the main game, I do not understand why there is another patch for attacking inside Atlas.

Good questions, I have always wondered why the game would sometimes download a few files when loading a base when I already did countless of attacks right before without closing the game.

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