Path & Poacher glitch


I cant see any paths from continent to continent or poachers movement and I was told that IOS users have it. I readed somewhere that it’s fixed and will be put it a patch or something in new update. Well I had 2 or 3 updates already and still not fixed. :blush:

Edit: Using android here


This is also being discussed here: Overlapping Continents


That’s overlapping continents this is a different problem. There into give some space between continents And gold mines, here is IOS/Android problem. And it was talked there by me lol


The path was taken down 2-3 updates ago. PG’s ETA on the fix will be mid of December in the next update.


I’m new into atlas so never saw it before. Why did they take It down? And why not add it to the update they making. There is a post that new update coming today.


They didn’t remove it on purpose, it broke. And they can’t just stick some fixes in with an update that’s too far along in the release process. Like how you can’t add something to a package you already dropped off at the post office


It started since this update


Paths were causing really bad performance problems on Android (just Android) and so we had to temporarily disable them until we could get that problem resolved. Performance has been a major focus for our graphics team, and I have to say the latest internal playtests are really starting to show the benefits … 3.90 is going to be a major, major step forward in performance for all devices but especially ones that have struggled to date. I suspect we’ll be able to turn paths back on then for Android, but it’s not yet confirmed … I know 3.80 just came out, but 3.90 is almost finalized in terms of features. It takes some time to squash bugs and go through the app review process!

Version 3.90 Release Notes

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