Pathos white spell blocked

Today, during a war, I attacked and at first island my white spells turns grayed out blue and I die instantly!!!

They are white spells!!! I had full rage!!! Couldnt use because blue mage was blocking spell.

Seriously. What gives???

Are you sure there wasn’t an ice flak there? Ice flak supershot disables white spells too.


I didn’t check. Haven’t seen anything on that. Never happened before today and today it has happened twice. Out of the hundreds of hits I have done I can’t imagine why I wouldn’t have already had it happen.

Ice flak. It’s the


Or another case of mysterious disabled spell.
Once I had my Renard’s NL disabled while in full rage in invader run.

Just researched. Thanks for the info. Ice flak super shot blocks all spells. Just never happened before today.

Thanks @Zikiru


That might happen (there’s been an alarming amount of reports of this) however, I think it’s the iceflak bc he said “greyed our blue” in his description, which matches the ice flak super effect perfectly.


Ok so I just hatched noc today and after vineing(spelling, whatever) I’ve had several times where cloak didn’t unlock. Guess this explains that too after thinking about it :sob:. I guess more heal potions are needed for practice :sob:. I’ve forgotten how to blink :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:


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