Pathox is way to weak



Yes, I have pathox. When someone defences the base, I think if there is a dark flak then it is hard to not get hit by SS. But you gave a good point, I should try it. Thank you!


Can you cloak to dodge tower shot using normal hunter?


Maybe I was too slow, but I found the spell to take too much time. So I ran freeze only after cloak or to lead for when defenders exist.

But otherwise almost exactly what I was doing. Tagging the towers has huge advantage, and I see it done less often than I see adaptive resists toggled for the proper resist. You can see the huge damage difference…


No problem. I don’t find avoiding dark flak supershots to be an issue as much as say, a fire flak (which makes sense bc it fires faster and has longer range). That’s why I say it depends on the tower setup, but if not all five towers I can still usually manage at least 3 of them before I cloak.


Yeah tagging is a key part of the strategy imo. I’m trying solo runs at the moment so seeing how far I can push my pathox vs Fom. Still better with Fom atm.


I’ve been queuing crippling chill, firing on the turn, tagging everything I can, then going with spectral form/crippling chill repeatedly. So far I’ve been able to consistently take well built (ie only lvled their kill island) with about 33% more def power than Pathox. Even with defenders that aren’t the player. What gets me hasn’t been the kill islands, it’s fully lvled farms and lumber mills.


For farms I would suggest tagging them, cloak, chill chill etc until they’re dead. If defended then u need to just blast away at one farm at a time. Path isn’t a cleaner.


Equip death gaze? :woman_shrugging:


I wouldn’t say that, because of how slow its cloak is it isn’t a set-up either. Its a sorc/hunter hybrid. It has super high damage output dues to its spells, and should be able to handle farms okay. frieze and unload, cloak to gain rage and ammo, frieze and unload. wait. repeat. farms dead.


He blows through def towers well above his lvl but struggles with farms/mills above that. Especially if the farms/mills are on a long island in front of a secondary kill group.

Or maybe I just suck…that’s a real possibility.


:joy: maybe u do. And so might I, but also noticed the same problem lol


Key to farms (and other high level towers) and I believe it’s mentioned somewhere up at the top, is to hit the farms with a single normal shot to activate the passive “death’s door” spell PRIOR to chilling. Does significantly more damage as the tool tip for the spell denotes.

try it on your invader, you’ll see the purple/pink aura around the tower after a single shot.


The issue with farms isnt their health, but the hammers 2 defenders can throw at them. If the base is at or above pathox power, 2 defenders can heal towers faster than pathox can damage them, especially farms. I’ve shot down numerous pathox on my base if they are at or below my tier. I’ve also been shot down many times hitting a base well above my tier. Especially if the defenders have some of those super hammers that heal towers completely.


I notice this with mine as well… depending on tier difference it can be overcome by using spectral form regen and extra time over target… but if you go really high its still a problem. thems the breaks I guess?


I understand the frustation and high expectation from Players on Mystic Pathox performance BUT remember this is a balance game. Always reminded by PG.
However, for those players who have Itzani is way better than Pathox that I believe right ?
Now MY question would you invest heavily on Mystic divine in the future or just get breeder line Mystic ?


only problem being you can get pathox at a very low level you can’t do that with itzani (i wish)


As above discussion, same goes to => would I spend US1000 in short period of time - 1 month to get Mystic Divine or I spend it thru out 9 months to get Mystic breeder line ???
Well it depend on player on how fast or far you want to go on this game.


You dont have to spend anything for EITHER dragon, but if you arent already at 330+ then itll cost you way more than $1k to get there just to hatch Itzani.


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