Pathox missing stone

I somehow am missing pathox last stone i had all stones i finally got to vanguard dragons and went to evolve pathox and my stone was gone says i dont have it tbis is complete bull shit ive put 15 tickets in with pg no response imagine that has anyone else had this issue

Don’t keep making tickets or replying to them until you get a response, it only puts you to the back it the line.


One ticket is enough, wait for the initial reply. Dont flood them tickets, you surely wont get answered lol

You can get support bans for submitting this many tickets. Hope you’re exaggerating.

With that many repeat tickets I’m not surprised you aren’t getting a Response. Especially if you are updating them. Hell you are probably getting g close to a support ban.

Just let pg answer one of the tickets and if you need to ask for it to be escalated. But if you constantly spam it then your ticket gets put to the back of the queue


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