Pathox - New Mythic hunter!


Thanks- that’s why i missed it.


I thought it became a norm because PG wanted to slow down divine progression so instead of moving up a full step each season, they move up half steps.

All the past summer divines are mythic strength but legendary status for Harbinger tier except for Huitzil who is legendary strength at Vanguard but mythic status. This season from what I can tell, all the divines are legendary strength and legendary status for Vanguard - except Pathox who is mythic strength and mythic status for Vanguard. This past Spring, all the divines were legendary strength and status for Harbinger except Corthanak who was mythic strength and status.

Long story short, each season everything moves up half a tier - I think. Hopefully that made enough sense, I’m not fully awake yet.


hmm looking at I can’t confirm this.

Although Axi (Summer 2018) and Cavaleris (Fall 2018) both can exceed for example Lokan’s (legendary) power in Harbinger tier, they both cap out at 253mil attack power in Harb tier. The only difference is that Cavaleris can enter Vanguard, but at the same tier there is no difference in attack power and none of them seems to have boosted stats or mythic status. In fact Keth (mythic) can reach a higher attack power in the same tier.


I think I see what you’re saying. Axi would exceed Lokan due to having Mythic strength. Cav might just be scaled the same way they scaled Huitzil because PG is lazy? Not sure on that.

This would probably be the major point to contradict my claim. What would be helpful is if somebody had a picture of the divine power from Spring and Summer so we can compare. I believe in Spring, the divines were supposed to reach around 200m attack power? Maybe? Not sure. Summer they all went to 252m if I remember correctly. I know that Cavaleris has the exact same power as Huitzil in Vanguard tier. I might look around to see if I can find something.

Edit: Found some stuff. Stole these from some of Odin’s videos.

Edit 2: More stuff from Odin’s videos.

Winter 2017-2018

Spring Season

Summer Season (Pre-Vanguard)

Summer Season (Post-Vanguard)

Fall Season

This is what I was trying to describe. See the correlation between seasons? The next seasons Legendaries are as strong as the previous seasons Mythic.

Is Prospero better than Pathox? 👀

In Huitzil’s case that is because he’s actually not a mythic in Vanguard anymore but a legendary.
Not sure if they also added a stone for Corthsnack, but I definitely don’t see a pattern (yet).


Shall I go find Neptus from last Winter? :rofl:

Also, Corthanak is a legitimate Harbinger Mythic. Neptus got the extra Harbinger stone the same way Huitzil got the extra Vangaurd stone. Corthanak, as a legitimate Harbinger Mythic, has the same attack power as all the Legendary Harbingers of the following season. Different classification, same strength.


That looks like a mistake. How can Huitzil have the same AP as the Legendaries of the same season?


Because they were all scaled to Mythic Harbinger power before Vanguard was even released, but Huitzil was the only one classified as such. The additional power he got was from the Vanguard stone after they added that tier. That’s the same way Neptus worked as well.


That’s weird, thx for pointing it out. It makes sense for the Mythics who get a new stone and Legendary status at that tier to have the same AP as the Legendaries of the next season.

So why are Legendaries given a Mythic AP?




Thank you. That’s what I thought. So it you want to spend all your rubies on Pathox during sigils chests, you can get next season’s legendary hunter for a very reduced price and same AP.


Yes, but you may end up with another Cuahtli (who actually isn’t THAT terrible). So plan wisely.


Yes, but the main reason people get the mythics is because of the spells. For the most part, they usually have much better spells than the legendaries. The spells typically make them much more useful than another dragon of the same AP.

That’s not to say there haven’t been some mythics that were lemons… lol :joy:
But that’s the general idea.




Turns out this whole time blues were its weakness, no wonder…

Pg u can release the white mage now thanks


Oh so thats how it is then is it… them is fightin words lol


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