Pathox OP or not too OP, that is the?


With the new spell scaling, Pathox’s power is under great debate, and most of this thread now deals with figuring out what his power actually is in the new environment.

My original post is below, for posterity, but people, but I will note the relevant range where the observation was being made was for towers in the 40-45 range. It is clear from others’ experiences, Pathox was much better balanced in other ranges.

As I haven’t defended a Pathox post spell scaling adjustment, I literally have no idea how strong he is now for towers in the 40-45 range. PvP is upcoming, though …

With all the talk of quitting for one reason or another, Pathox may be it for me. Our team has bases in the 150-300 range, and Pathox is running bases with 2 defenders 1 or 2 levels above without getting a scratch. By levels I mean a player with Garnet dragons is getting cruised by Sapphire Pathox, Emerald by Garnet, etc. When Kinn came out, strong red-blue pairs did the trick, Nec could be handled with rage drain, Corthanak strong storms. With defense you could take out a dragon 1-2 tiers above. I don’t see any counter to Pathox, at least at these levels. First true “I win” dragon I’ve seen. If you have a defense strategy I’d love to hear it. For me, defense is more than half the fun of this game:

Spell Scaling Feedback Thread



But what are the tower levels? Because if you have pretty high tower levels for your tier, Pathox is screwed. He can’t damage towers fast enough (while cloaked) to keep up with hammer spamming and as soon as the cloak runs out, he’s a sitting duck.

Edit: Well, Red got it in a word :joy:


I have to agree with Red. Pathox lacks the oomph to hit above his weight class. He can be stopped if the base is well built and geard and you are throwing hammers like your life depended on it.


Big towers first. Then hammers. 45s ain’t helping if you see an emerald pathox.


There are different ways to fly path…given how I see most people fly him (spectral+chill spam) if they fly above his level he’s toast as hammer easily out heals chill spam.

It is possible to fly him in a much more “bursty” manner which does allow him to be flown against towers significantly higher than spectral+chill spam.

Ammo Dump >> chill >> spectral>> chill>> charge chill and wait till spectral almost finished>> devour>> fire chill>>ammo dump

Much more burst potential comes out of his ammo bar than casting chill. Chill is just supplemental damage and tower CC.

:man_shrugging: but what do i know


Flying against higher tiered bases, you’re gonna take a couple flak shots to the face with your first ammo dump. I don’t see you making it out alive unless what you and I consider higher tiered bases aren’t the same.


Really? Unless I’m being slow/lazy I’ve been dodging them by going into cloak…

Higher tiered bases: I’m under the assumption this is relative to the players own player/tower/dragon level.
If this is incorrect please tell me what ya’ll are meaning by it then?

I’m 108 taking bases with L45-50 kill islands (undefended)
With 1 defender 40-45 kill island is doable on a micro unless i screw up the timing.


Chill on turn, burst, cloak, chill, chill, burst, soul, burst.


Of course understanding situational variation is the name of the game

farms on the other hand… are the bane of my existence when flying vs bases significantly higher than me…


HUGE tower levels
Defended with Hammers
Storm with supershot
Not a micro base

Those are the 4 basics for defense against pathox. My L300 base can take down Harb pathox’s if my base is defended with very little damage done to my towers. Undefended pathox walks through it fairly easily like most other dragons do and to most bases.




All devine mythic are so. corth or hutzil all need to spam a few hammer to keep the tower survive long enough for a counter attack


Very nice dragon definitely not over-powered though
As Red said Hammers seem to do the trick along with a good set up
But If it’s a sapphire Pathox he is a mythic shouldn’t he be able to perform against Garnet towers defended?
Taking down bases a tier above that wouldn’t even qualify as overpowered! I think it should be expected from a mythic dragon.

Btw Necryx does not mind rage drain islands. He has his weaknessss but it’s not an island full of mages.
Anyway Maybe those bases are just set up nicely for Pathox?
The setup has so much to do with how the dragon does, some dragons do very well against certain bases and can go way above a single tier even defended some more balanced dragons do great against most all setups but cannot takeout bases 2-4 tier towers above.


Huitzil seems pretty weak so I wouldn’t use him as a comparison. Corth is an “i win button” due to the lack of thought or skill required, but is still limited by higher tier bases. Pathox does have stronger potential than both at higher tier bases, but also takes a little more thought and planning.

I think Neptus might have been stronger than Pathox for his time, so I don’t really see Pathox as a game breaker.

High skill with a good setup dragon still reigns supreme.


The OP poster forgets something , the attacker with Pathox might have good gear and runes and OP friends bases might be long bases weak ones that look like candy . Work more on your base and gear and u will see that u can stop pathox


I don’t think Path is too OP. Noctua lead and Neptus as follow is way better than pathox as follow against high lvl bases in pvp. Those two help me a lot in this frustrating disgusting and boring kingdom war.


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Most of Pathox’s power derived from Spectral form and crippling chill(as well as soul devour for healing and rage). Take all of Pathox’s rage away, and he’s history. No Spectral form to dodge towers, no crippling chill to freeze them, and no soul devour to gain back rage and health. Couple that with hammer spam and supershots and Pathox will be knocked out of the air like a fly getting swatted.

Every dragon has a weakness, one way or another. For example, my Zotz Can take out kill islands up to level 45. When I turn to the kill island, I use Syphon Strike to knock out the dark flak and red Mage. If there’s a boosted storm tower, then I’m in trouble since it’ll block the Syphon strike and protect all the other towers which will then mean that Zotz might die quickly. So you see, every dragon has a weakness