Pathox OP or not too OP, that is the?


What issue did they fix? What exactly did they change/nerf? I noticed a 30% increase in his crippling chill damage, but I also have nearly maxed legendary/elite gear, wasnt the intent to make the spell stronger with gear?

@DragonPunch you can’t give a vague response like that and nothing else. I’m not even sure what post you were replying to when you said

What’s “this”? And what did you change to fix this mysterious issue?

Edit: After a quick test, his chill now does LESS damage than before the damn spell scaling!!! That’s WITH 125% increased HP!


It got buffed just like all the other spells. Perhaps scaled a bit high, but then again i do have like +90/+83 on him right now so maybe it’s meant to be this high?


Well now they nerfed the hell out of it, his spell is doing way less damage than BEFORE the spell scaling, and that’s including over 125% HP boost. So I’m guessing they took it from 11% down to about 6%.


What adjustment was made? Empirical evidence indicates damage is now worse than before.


They nerfed a few things. Chaos on Aibrean used to one shot towers on my invader starting when Aibrean was 1 or 2 levels lower. Now it does not. I have left over gear and research takes attack and hp to about 40% more.


@Arelyna @PGCrisis what happened to


After some more testing, it looks like they scaled Crippling Chill from 11% down to about 6%. I took his rider and consumables off, and his spell damage is about half of what it was pre scaling. Obviously I can’t take off his runes or research, so his HP is still well above base, but even so this is a huge nerf to a mythic.


Nerf nerf nerf baaaabaaa ba

So 2/3 dragons I fly, Path and Jorm get nerfed. I won’t say the 3rd since that would lead to a nerfing and I’m getting Oni tomorrow which was nerfed before the spell scaling went live. So because a few weak players were crying about the scaling, the dragons I will be flying are nerfed more than all the other dragons that got scaled. Awesome


Can you please share with the class what you did to change Pathox?


So much for my mythic hunter. Massively OP would be one thing, nerfing him below pre patch is just bull.
Put it back, PG. Too many peeps have spent real money getting and gearing Pathox to have him nerfed so soon.


Nerfed while also boosting damn near every other dragon at that


You always go overboard with every change despite suggestions and warnings by your players who are trying to support you !

This is truly disappointing…


Wtf, prepatch Pathox was oneshotting invader towers with crippling chill, now there’s a sliver of health left on them. Doesnt bode well for real runs. PG you promised us making other dragons stronger not a NERF on a MYTHIC I worked hard for…


@PGCrisis @Arelyna @DragonPunch anyone want to comment at least?


…says a lot when you’re running him on invader towers and judging by that. Try using boosts.


Done. Still worse, next suggestion?


I’m pretty sure they all left the office as soon as they finished coding the nerf. And it’s almost 11pm on the west coast anyway. I’m sure tomorrow they will come out with some dumbass excuse and then bring the damage up just a little bit, so they can say they listened.


I already provided examples of his damage, with full boosts, pre update, post update, and post nerf. It’s much worse. It looks like the only way to get pre update values is if you have a max set of gear, full research, and using consumables. Which is a far cry from using a 30% consumable to get pre update values, what PG claimed was the intent.


Huh. I can’t speak to that, then, but judging by invaders is still a poor metric.


I’m guessing you don’t have pathox