Pathox OP or not too OP, that is the?


And I’m saying that unless you were flying invaders pre-update with boosts and not one-shotting them (for accurate damage numbers), and comparing it against boosted runs on invaders post-update that still do not one-shot invaders, using the invader as a metric for damage dealt per chill is suspect.


I’m guessing that if they got pathox they probably have gear, just my assumption


…the 30% boosts, not gear.


Gear doesn’t boost spells per this update?


125% is much more than 30%, and yet the damage is still less than before…do I need to quote myself like BamBam?


They factor the 30% boosts into the balancing for spell scaling.

Runs w/o boosts = inaccurate judgement.

But you seem to know more than I do. I don’t have Pathox; these specific concerns don’t exactly affect me. But I’m capable of pointing out logical fallacies.

@Lee1230 The one thing I’m speaking to in this is how you can’t use unboosted invader runs as a metric of comparison for pre and post-update stats, not the accuracy of your statements prior. Feel free to quote yourself like Bam^2 if you wish, though. It’ll be funny.


So if I’m unboosted but I have gear that gives + 80% I should expect to be worse than someone with no gear using a 30% boost?


Pre scaling 7.3M
Post scaling 9.9M with approx. 125% total HP boost
Post nerf 6.2M with all the same boosts applied
I tested this on lvl 62 farms, without applying deaths door first, and I used the same base for all 3 tests.

Also, I copied and pasted, couldn’t bring myself to quote myself lol.

Spell Scaling Feedback Thread


So here’s what I was replying to, in case you didn’t quite manage to read it. I sincerely doubt there was any difference in what gear the OP had on pathox pre and post update. I am saying that if neither of their runs were boosted with 30% boosts, they cannot speak accurately to effect of the patch being a nerf.


Where did I imply that?


No, it’s based on max HP, so gear and consumables and research all stack and buff spell damage now.


Ah, that’s disappointing. (To both your results and the fact that you didn’t quote yourself. Sigh.)


Because as PG said boosting your dragon would make up for it not being boosted. (Edit: make up for the scaling if you’re naked, I meant)

Now that we cleared that up, I was saying I doubt somebody who got pathox would also not have gear.

So now let’s say they don’t boost, would gear not make up for it? Any ways, Lee provided the numbers

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Here’s how you can tell it’s a nerf. Pre update, the spell damage was NOT affected by any HP buff. Post update, it should have been 30% less without ANY HP buffs at all. So if he had even shit gear and some research done, his HP is buffed MORE than 30%. Meaning the spell should do MORE damage than pre update. But it doesnt, it does much less damage now, even with more than double the HP. Is that clear enough for you now?


I know, was responding to the bit about not being boosted for invader or whatever


Didn’t spell scaling take into account gear + 30% boosts + research altogether?


Exactly, the point is that assuming OP had gear, which wouldn’t have been a factor pre-update but should make up for the spell balance post-update ? even if OP didn’t use 30/30 boost, the Gear + Research boost should be more than sufficient to make up for the spell nerf to do the same (arguably more) damage as pre-update.


Yeah sure if you mean making pathox worse took it into account


Too lazy to find it for you, but they explicitly said in the blog that the spells were being reduced by 30%, and the example they gave showed that a 30% boost would bring the damage back to pre update values. Any boosts beyond 30% would only increase damage further.

However, it’s clear they reduced they spell damage much much further, since 125% HP boost isnt enough to get to pre update values.


…I’ll go find it. I do seem to recall that they said they were going to factor in all three?

Seems sus. But pre-update chill needed a small boost, not the 80% or whatever boost gear + research gives it.


The 80% I used was for gear boost not directly the boost to chill damage