Pathox OP or not too OP, that is the?


So this is the huitzil debacle all over again? Color me surprised… :woman_facepalming::roll_eyes:


Was thinking of trying for Surt. But the nerf of another mythic makes me just content finishing Gunnar and getting the rider. Jesus this is insane.


Can’t go wrong with Gunnar, very nice dragon :+1:


So , base HP always took into account reaearches.
Currently it’s Max HP which includes gears and boosts as well as runes.
I have 80% HP boost with gear .
Do I have to still do 30% equippable boost to have 110% HP boost and then compare with pre update or pre nerf or whatever ?
Or do I just blindly do a 30% boost and only then check which is effectively comparing with 110% boost ?
Not trying to be argumentative but trying to point out fallacy in what you are saying

AngryDrache was speaking of it, and I believe that her gear is definitely giving more boost than 30%. Your boost theory wouldn’t work there I’m sorry. Clearly some misinformation going on here


Oh I agree. Got him to garnet during discount. I just find him boring.

Just not happy about constant nerds without expressing it to the players.


Totally agree Fozzie… my love of defense has become tainted!


I worked through an entire season (and part of the previous season) to get Pathox.
If they don’t undo the nerf, I’m done with this game.
PG, do the right thing


Not gonna say this is applicable for everyone, but I just reinstalled to see if there could be an impact and there was.

Before reinstall:

After reinstall:


Bahahaaa… the right thing? That is too funny


A 23% dmg increase


Not really, I’m assuming they have a decent gear set on pathox which wasnt taken into account pre update but is post update which if decent should offset the change and then some.


Including rider gear and research I should have plus 68% hp unboosted. Should that be enough to compensate? I don’t know the exact math of my invader towers health and how much Pathox crippling chill should do base dmg but seems to me that should be enough to compensate…


Immediately after 4.94 update:

10hrs after the release:

Somehow I’m doing less damage 10 hrs later…

Same max dragon hp and attack. Same towers. No death’s door applied on both runs. Reinstalling the game hasn’t changed anything so far.


See post 179 they did a hotfix shortly after the update to nerf pathox


I’m pretty sure we all know what base that is lol… Thanks for the visual though


I have no problem whatsoever with them nerfing what I assume was the 11% result of 9.9M. Chill certainly didn’t need that kind of buff.

I have a MAJOR problem with a damage reduction of this magnitude at this level of gear.

If your estimate that this is in the 6% range is correct, can we compromise somewhere between 8% and 10%? Or did PG just nerf one of the most popular dragons in the game? It doesn’t destroy him, but it does break one of his playstyles… And that’s what makes Pathox fun imo.


Why would you not have a problem with this!? I was able to get to 9.9M with very good gear, boosts, research, and consumables. And it wasnt much more damage than I was doing before the update, 125% HP boost got me 27% increase in damage. After the nerf, 125% HP boost is getting me a 16% DECREASE in spell damage from before the scaling!


I think he’s saying the 27% increase was too much and that being lowered is reasonable. Not sure I agree with that, but I believe that’s what he meant.


no you have no idea about end game issues . why should an end game base with best gear on base defense after spending more than 30k$ go die so easily by a dragon which doesn’t need any thinking? Already hate Oni for that . No need of Pathox going to that category. Everyone worked hard for dragons, but so did many work for base. All hard work wasted?

I understand reasonable buffs, but no need of making it OP as such. Thank you. i have similar gear and overall boosts btw on pathox, and similar gear on base too. I don’t want a dumbo flying pathox to kill my base when defended. ( around my level obviously )


I can understand the desire to not make Path OP, but why is he worse off than before? Especially since this update was supposed to increase spell damage. I’m not asking for an OP dragon, but to nerf him is just crap.