Pathox OP or not too OP, that is the?


neither do i have confidence of it myself :rofl:
But i realize i can stop lot more enemies by levelling up base gear which makes it much sweeter as a victory in atlas battles and fun to defend :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Yes i always prioritize base gear over dragon gear because once set in stone, it will be there unlike ever changing dragons and need of elite gears of every element in offense.
But at the top, things are truly different. Vanguard mythic dragons are by far best lineage mythics released and they are also designed to withstand multiple kill islands of lev 75 towers . So that also makes them look much stronger. As mech calculated a while ago that in 2 tier upgrades, dragon HP increases by 370% but tower hp increases only by 210% . This in itself speaks loads


There are certainly periods in the game when dragons are stronger, and periods when bases can be stronger. It pretty much cycles during the tiers, when you get get your hut eggs your base defense increases, then when you get to the mythics and end of tier right before your next available hut upgrade, your dragons are typically stronger.

That being said, i most certainly couldn’t take my own base with my 1.8B pathox, 1B gunnar and 1B fomhar. Not a chance in hell if its defended.


your base is a bomb digidy :stuck_out_tongue: , I took it down only with NECRYX and Sylphen undefended , if defended there is no chance :muscle:


LOL yeah most bases require a defender to actually be functional on defense.
That’s why i chuckle when people try and compare undefended runs lol


I wonder how it does against Oni


@PGCrisis Any plans to fix Pathox? Just need to know if I will have to stop paying for the only feature I do now, the Elite account.


I feel like an idiot for even paying for that. I don’t know why I’m surprised they nerfed pathox. I shouldn’t be given their track record.


Also seems that Google Play costumer service will get a call soon from this guy.


I’m losing the few brain cells I have left just from reading this lol. So much buffing and nerfing in such a short period of time :laughing: I’m so lost now.


If I learned one thing from this thread, its that I will never go for a mythic again.


I won’t be spending real dollars to make it happen. Nope.


I was doing it E2P this season but I wont even be doing that anymore. Not worth the hoarding.


Although I do not regret going for Pathox even if mine is currently nerfed. Sylphen is pretty sweet and has her uses as a cleaner (I typically use her or Renard) and at least Cav was on sale and I got goodies from his line :joy::joy: The only interesting warrior I have flown in a looooong time is UVS.


I’m leaning towards your theory too. Path might become my first and last mythic divine. :confused:


In hindsight for this season, I kinda wish I wouldn’t have gone for UVS and just got Gunnar and Yarl (Dammit Yarl!)


is that dragon even flyable?


Who Yarl?


yes… well that was my feel when i flew it anyway :rofl:


He won’t win dragon of the year by a long shot, but he appeals to me in a way I can’t quite put into words. :stuck_out_tongue:


Didn’t see this mentioned when read down so thought i would share…explaination and final number (for now) on other thread

So crippling Chill damage is now 9.5% and went live yesterday