Pathox OP or not too OP, that is the?


It is still nerfed compared to before the update, even with boosts runes and gear. Unless you’re at vanguard tier apparently.


Thanks :grin: This will be pretty useful when I claim a refund to Google Play


Mythic divines are like red sports cars. Their high performance and profile make them targets. :confused:


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Yes but the spell doesn’t increase hp by 14 percent but does damage at 14% of Hp.

And FYI it’s often better to write this as (1 + percent) which is the same as 100% + percent for the reason of when you need to add multiple percents as you only add the original amount once.


Pass up future mythics?


Something to consider is that very few players are at end game… for those who the mythic will be obsolete by the time they are leveled enough to make use of it, if a mythic isn’t of enough value at each tier no one but end gamers are going to go for it. This breaks the basis of having season lines.


This goes DOUBLE when said mythic gets nerfed before we can realize its potential, Pathox anyone?

I’m at least 4 breeding sessions away from Vanguard assuming I keep spending plus the new tier will be out soon. I’m skipping UVS, and Surt. I feel like I can skip next season as well and miss out on absolutely nothing but heart ache when PG gets around to nerfing more mythics cause they can.


Any new ideas on how the mythic glyph is calculated? I’m still dealing 17% of max HP, when our math says it should be 29.5%. I just can’t get the math to work out to 17%, tried a ton of different ways :man_shrugging:


Nothing I’ve tried has worked.

As you suspected I can calculated exactly my HP displayed.

Nothing seems to add up.
I tried the old percent of 14%, and applied 120% to the percent and it comes close to 17%, but it’s far away enough that it can’t be what’s happening and nobody should be having issues if it was using the old percent.

One thought, grumpy said he had to reinstall to get his damage numbers to change. I have yet to try this. Although he said it decreases, and the numbers in coming up with are all larger than the damage being delt.

Was hoping dragonpunch or someone else from pg might chime in, but they don’t seem to like responding to me on this topic.

I’m pretty damn sure it’s some kind of mistake based on reports consistently showing the same dragons being weaker…


I sent my calculations in a PM to both Arelyna and DragonPunch as they requested, along with some thoughts as to what is causing the discrepancy. Hopefully they haven’t replied because they are still trying to figure it out as well.

I hate doing a reinstall on my phone, takes forever, but I might do it to see what GrumpyBird is talking about. The thing I can’t figure out is why damage was 14+20=34% of base HP, but the current damage is 17% when it should be 29.5%.

As mechengg already said though, the main problem with everything below vanguard being nerfed is that from L60 to L75 towers gain 210% HP but pathox gains 370%.

It’s pretty obvious when I tried to duplicate Odin’s results with chain lightning on Huitzil at max Obsidian on L60 towers. It only took the towers down about half. On Andy, it was about 3/4 (but I dont think Andy has any riders or gear).

The conclusion I’m coming to is that PG needs to either rework the dragon progression, making it more linear, or scrap the spell scaling. In my level range of 300-315, bases can be much much stronger than even the absolute best dragons with best gear possible.


I hate your base…:triumph::roll_eyes:


No it INCREASES after reinstall. Both times. It decreased when they pushed out the fixes. Then after reinstall increases (vs the decreased amount, not vs the original amount).

May be worth doing a reinstall to see if that affects your numbers.


Yeah I didn’t pm them, but if they ask for calcs I’m obviously happy to share. I don’t really know if the runes even worked correctly before. Not sure if you remember the fiasco on chaos runes?

Agreed. I wish I had done the math prior to the update as I don’t really have any good baseline from before with regard to numbers on pathox

It’s just my personal opinion, but I think 20% is a huge buff for a spell that normally doesn’t do that much by itself. And especially so now that it’s less than half that. I’m not sure it hasn’t always been not working or not understood though.

But totally agree the HP Is the primary cause. It seems like they might just put the spell back and nerf the hp some.

I personally think spells not scaling is a big part of why they have such messed up hp and attack. But this isn’t the kind of thing you change all spells overnight on. So fixing this is a big necessary pain to fixing the root cause. There is just zero excuse for such a large and risky change being done so hurriedly.

I know pg has a “the show must go on” attitude about all things. Progress over quality…


Ahh. I had it backwards. Well maybe it will fix my numbers then. I can give it a try. I don’t like reinstalling personally but it’s been a while. So why not.


Ok. Here’s some math and again like you I can’t figure it out.

Damage on screen is 33.2m. This corresponds to base HP x rider x research (verified by calcs).

Including boost (no HP runes) makes max HP 43.3m.

My chill damage is 6.5m which is 15% of max HP. That’s wierd!


Well 14% by itself was nearly useless, ammo shots did more damage than the spell. But doing the math, and from what I can remember the spell damage being pre update, the math worked out as 14%+20% from the glyph × base HP. So I do think we have the formula correct, and it’s just currently broken somehow.

I imagine there would be a ton of backlash if PG reduced Vanguard HP though. I think it’s much more likely that L80 or even L85 towers will be released very soon as their “fix” for vanguards wiping out entire islands with one chain lightning spell :man_facepalming:


Myself and @EidolonRM are both getting 17% damage from our calculations. That’s comparing L37 and L60 Pathox. Are you sure its 15% and not 17%? I had hoped we were at least finding a consistent % across tiers.


Well I doubt it was originally intended to be a damage spell so much as a freeze spell with a little damage assist. It’s kind of the lazy way to fly pathox IMO.

But either way it doesn’t seem calibrated. If you want spells to scale the lions share of damage shouldn’t be the glyph or else you will find it doesn’t scale to those without it.

There is no way to scale without a ton of backlash. Honestly if they stay the corse it’s going to be more painful before it’s better.

But yeah the big spenders should be satiated by whatever new tier comes out


17% means I should get 7.3m damage which would correspond to the damage I got PRIOR to the change to 9.5% so I have absolutely no idea what’s happening.

I have reinstalled twice subsequent to the change to 9.5% and the damage was at 6.5m after both reinstalls.