Pathox OP or not too OP, that is the?


Yes, keep serving the 1%, that’ll serve PG well.


What makes me sad is the time and effort I invested in Pathox. It was a dragon that took a little bit of skill to fly and could be flown in different ways. After the f***-up my Coatl is now the powerhouse. Used to be a junk dragon, now can take down bases way above my level. Rhyo now struggles on invader. Leos dies like a hunter. Axi heals from 0 to almost 100 with a single heal, Cavaleris is similar.

PG claimed a boosted drag is pretty much identical to before the upgrade.

That is a blatant lie or a show of complete of lack of understanding of what they were doing.


Why is everyone mourning a loss as if the obvious oops is permanent?


L65+ towers were balanced with OP gear though, and Vanguard was balanced to match. Obsidians were balanced prior to all the OP gear, so without chill doing a good amount of damage, it’s not POSSIBLE to take down L60 towers with Obsidian Pathox. Flying the “lazy way”, it takes 4-5 chill casts to destroy L60 towers, or 7-10 ammo shots. And mythic obsidian was supposed to be balanced against L60 towers, no? This is why the lower tiers, which were balanced before the OP gear came out, are seeing such a nerf while vanguards are still OP against max towers after the nerf.

Example: My top 3 dragons can 5 flame Andy no problem (L60 towers without gear), and my others can come close to 70%. But against my own base, with decent gear, Obsidian Pathox struggles against my L60 towers undefended, and drops like a stone defended.


The only thing that makes the spell as the scaling advertised (same dmg with 30% boost), breaks the game at top tiers.

Unfortunately it will take a lot more than just changing the base % to address both issues.


Exactly, the only way to really fix it is to redistribute AP and HP gain across the tiers, making it more linear instead of most of the power being in the last few levels.


Mostly because PG has already “fixed” the problem, and therefore is statistically unlikely to actually fix the problem.


Is this with first tagging the towers for damage amp?

I don’t think divine dragons with vanguard stones really tend to scale well below harbinger. And hopefully this spell scaling change will lead to that not being so unscaled.

I know I was able to kill 65 towers with my pathox at early obsidian, but I have reasonable gear on it from the get go which did seem to matter. (For Hunter attack more than chill).


This is not true. Not at all

They triaged a problem created by spell scaling.

I highly doubt it will stay that way but I think their choices were to leave it crazily powered or to nerf it. I don’t think they can toggle spell scaling on and off without an update and so their only lever was the damage percentages, which can be changed on the fly without a new client. On a spell by spell basis.

They have literally said nothing about it being a permanent fix. Not to say that I’d not keep pressure on it, but the patient is in the hospital, it isn’t dead…


Because the problems caused by the spell adjustment affect different player levels differently. And any further correction will be to accommodate D1 and D2 players, not the mid range F2P players. With enough Elite gear you will not have a problem, it might even be a buff instead of a nerf.
If you have any reason to assume that PG will actually correct one of their major foul-ups because of feedback received from players please share.


That’s just not true. It’s a defeatist attitude which is your choice.

All Past mythic hunters have had issues and not one of them that I can recall was allowed to stay nerfed. If it was a year old dragon then maybe, but pathox is still fairly fresh.

I know you guys are bitter that they would make
It weaker on the bottom rather than let it be over powered on the top. Reality is this has trickle down impact to everyone and breaks the game. It’s less harmful to do what they did. The lesser of two evils.

Believe it or not spell scaling is for anyone but the top.

The top has always been in scale when dragons are released.


You have been around when PG fixed previous problems? They will sit this one out and once the new tier and new tower levels are around the currently affected dragons will be irrelevant.

Look at any discussion with more than a 1000 posts and find an actual PG response that is not just an empty promise to listen in the future and wait for a message soon.



Both neptus and morphus were negatively impacted and in the end fixed. (Both mythic hunters)


I hope you are right. I wish I had your optimism when it comes to PG responses. The only hope I have is that the spell adjustment changed the power of so many dragons, even lineage dragons, so much that even they should notice something needs to be done.

We will see.


Huitzil was also “buffed” after he was nerfed due to player feedback.


My normal method for flying pathox is to have a chill pre cast, fire it from the turn, tag the front 3 towers, dump the rest of my ammo into the storm and sometimes blue mage if I can, cloak, then spam chill on the front 3 while my ammo regen, hopefully killing them faster than hammers heal them, fire one more chill at the last 2 towers as cloak ends, and finish off the rest with ammo and soul devour active. I feel like it’s about the best method, but it’s not enough for mechengg’s base or even my own if there are multiple defenders. I frequently shoot down harbinger pathox and have even shot down a vanguard once or twice (but not expert, and I managed to rage drain them before the kill).

They definitely do not scale well at all. Even Neptus, who only goes to Harbinger, has about 1/3 of his max power left to gain in his last 5 levels. The way spell scaling was done, it actually makes it even MORE unscaled, because spells are much less powerful in comparison to their equivalent towers until those last 5 or so levels.


It’s a warrior. Warriors are always neglected

Hunters are not


Oh, I was agreeing with you. PG makes changes based upon player feedback all the time. Spell Scaling itself is one of those changes, and they have stated on numerous occasions that this is a work in progress and there will definitely be hiccups.


Hahaha. Yeah gotcha. Not probably a convincing example for most everyone since they will still be more sour about the initial nerf. (Rightfully so)

I have zero doubt pathox will be improved. They just don’t even know what’s wrong yet.


Anyone else annoyed that players are having to send their calculations to the engineers to fix their own code? I find it disconcerting that they don’t seem to have a procedure to break this out and test it…

@DragonPunch I still think at least a chunk of these issues could be solved more efficiently if you’d provide your formula for the community to test and compare against.

There’s a reason open source works better.